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Full quotes COPPER: Cash, you have seen Tod? CASH: Nope. Dixie ain”t around neither. COPPER: You were looking for her? CASH: No. Well… I remember when I first met her. I was just a little old stray like you, all paws and ears, and felt like a real good-for-nothing. COPPER: You? CASH: Yeah. And then one night, we went a-howling at the moon, and I found out we could sing. I said, “Dixie, this is our ticket to success. We are gonna be stars.” I guess I”d be stretching it if I said I didn”t want her around sometimes. But we”re a couple of hound dudes now, remember? We can”t let old friends get in the way of that, right?

We”re a couple of hound dudes


I see hide or hair of that fox of yours


We got a show to do

COPPER: I guess not. CASH: Oh, come on. You”re having fun, ain”t ya? COPPER: Ha! Are you kidding? CASH: Well, you just wait till we”re on top. We are so close, I can smell it. COPPER: The Grand Old Opry. CASH: All we gotta do is ace that audition. Right? COPPER: Heh-heh-heh. Right. Come on. Let”s go rehearse some more. CASH: Attaboy. AMOS SLADE: Copper! Copper! Oh, where could that pup have gotten off to? Copper! WIDOW TWEED: Tod! Oh, Tod! AMOS SLADE: Widow, what are you doing up this time of night? WIDOW TWEED: Oh, I can”t find my Tod anywhere. That pup of yours probably chased him off. AMOS SLADE: I wouldn”t know. I can”t find him. WIDOW TWEED: Oh… Well, if I see a sign of your puppy, I”ll give you a holler. AMOS SLADE: I”m obliged. If I see hide or hair of that fox of yours, well… WIDOW TWEED: Thank you, Amos. Tod! Tod! Oh, Tod. AMOS SLADE: Copper! WIDOW TWEED: Tod! DIXIE: Oh, my hair. Hmph! Ugh. Broke a nail… TOD: That”s where Copper lives. DIXIE: Nice spread. Could use woman”s touch.

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TOD: You sure this is a good idea? DIXIE: It”s the only way. When Clem Clod-kicker over there gets to the fair and sees Copper, he”ll bring him home for sure. You two will get to be friends again, and I will reclaim my rightful place in the spotlight. Hmm. We just gotta figure out how to get them to follow us. TOD: Heh-heh. That”s the easy part. See, old Chief there hates me, but he couldn”t catch a cold in winter, and wherever Chief goes, Slade follows. DIXIE: Well, let”s see your stuff there, cowboy. TOD: Psst! Chief! Chief! CHIEF: Oh, that tickles. TOD: Huh? Wha… Oh! CHIEF: Ooh, ooh. Snuggly-wuggly little pookie-pooh. Yow! AMOS SLADE: Chief, what the devil… WIDOW TWEED: Tod! AMOS SLADE: Eh! It”s that darn critter of yours! WIDOW TWEED: My critter? It”s your hunt… Oh, my! Oh, dear! When I get my hands on you… Tod, I”m coming! I gotcha in my sight! CHIEF: You can”t get away from me! I”m a fourth-place winner two times over. Why, you! Come back here! AMOS SLADE: Ah, Chief, come back! SHOW PRESENTER: Testing. Testing. GRANNY ROSE: Why, Cash, look at you. You”re nervous as a flea on dip day. I haven”t seen you like this in a long time. CASH: You ain”t never seen me like this, Granny. WAYLON: I just hope that talent scout fella”s in a good mood. OLIVIA FARMER: You know, that snake charmer could use a little more practice. Don”t you think? WINCHELL BICKERSTAFF: Aah! OLIVIA FARMER: Get the lead out of them boots, Mr. Bickerstaff. The talent show”s just about to start. WINCHELL BICKERSTAFF: Aah! OLIVIA FARMER: I know. I”m excited too. WINCHELL BICKERSTAFF: Whoa, whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Ugh! Ugh! OLIVIA FARMER: Mm! Blueberries. WINCHELL BICKERSTAFF: Aah! OLIVIA FARMER: Here we are, Mr. Bickerstaff. Just in time. SHOW PRESENTER: Ladies and gentlemen, The Singin” Strays! TOD: Coming through! Excuse me! Pardon me! COPPER: Tod? CHIEF: Copper? AMOS SLADE: Chief! WIDOW TWEED: Tod! AMOS SLADE: Copper! That”s my dog! CASH: You ain”t a stray? DIXIE: Aah! Aah! AMOS SLADE: What in tarnation? CASH: Dixie, what have you done? Where they going? Wait. We can”t let”em leave. We got a show to do. Wait!

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