My Ford Taurus Wont Shift Into Gear ? Why Won&#39T My Ford Taurus Move In Any Gear

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Hi TCCA (and Happy Valentine”s Day to the Ladies!),My wife just called and she”s on the side of the road, but just around the corner from the house (TG). After running around the town today with no apparent problems, our 2000 Taurus SES V24 (auto tranny) just started to coast after going around the little traffic circle and over a small canal bridge. It only has about 38k miles on it. Temperature here is about 75F today.I turned it off and restarted. It starts fine as usual, but when I shift through any and all gears at idle, there”s no movement of the vehicle, no noise, or no rpm change either. With the emergency break on, I had her keep foot on the beak too (just in case), and shift slowly through the gears. I watched under the hood and could see the shifting cable move the the lever on top of the tranny as she went back and forth through the gears (ie. center console floor shifter on this car).I even tried putting it in drive and giving about 1500rpm, but no difference.

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Ditto in the other gears.At idle, the tranny dipstick is showing a high level, as if you were checking it without the engine running.Btw, I did search and find that has some limited discussion. It would be nice and helpful if people would post back with the outcomes of their episodes.Only odd event lately was a couple days ago the Low Coolant Fluid light lit up on the dash about 5 miles from home late in the evening for no apparent reason. It has plenty of coolant in the tank. Haven”t seen that light since. The Emergency Break dash light also started staying lit month”s ago, but I know the breaks are fully disengaged when I release the emergency break release. I”ve just ignored it until I have more time to adjust the switch down on the pedal assembly.I”m going to go down and take the battery ground off for an hour or so. Perhaps something electronic will reset. Perhaps it will move after the drive train cools down later this evening. As usual, I”ll post back any results.So, any ideas or suggestions on the “no tranny engage” problem now in progress? I appreciate your time and experience greatly.Regards,BrcobremP.S. For those of you who may remember the old joke about the new $500,000 steam locomotive that wouldn”t engage and the consultant who fixed it for $50,000 in less than minute, I do have a 3 pound and an 8 pound sledge hammer.

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