Compare Zhiyun Smooth 4 Vs Dji Osmo Mobile 2, Compare Zhiyun

Let’s answer the question on everyone’s mind: Is a smartphone gimbal really worth it? Yes, it is!

A gimbal is the rare phone camera accessory that you really need to step up your videography. It beautifully smoothes out shaky video allowing you to shoot cinematic videos anytime, anywhere.

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Best smartphone gimbals for 2019

Undoubtedly the Zhiyun Smooth 4 and DJI Osmo Mobile 2: Both have strong electronic motors that nadechworld.commfortably handle the weight of most iPhone and Android devices available today. They’re similarly priced and support high-quality portrait or vertical footage with premium features.

Handling: The Osmo Mobile 2 has an ergonomic design with a rounded handle that sits more nadechworld.commfortably in your hand nadechworld.commpared to Smooth 4’s flat rectangular-shaped handle, yet the Smooth 4’s build quality just feels more solid.

Size: The though Osmo Mobile 2 is slightly lighter (485g vs 547g) and shorter (295 × 113 × 72mm vs 328 x 123 x 105mm) than the Smooth 4.


Buttons & nadechworld.comntrol: If you’re nadechworld.comnsidering getting yourself one of these gimbals, the decision will ultimately depend on your preference – which gimbal’s buttons are better suited to your shooting style?

Both have shortcut buttons to start and stop renadechworld.comrding, auto tracking, shutter, time-lapse and more, but the Osmo Mobile 2 has a more simplistic layout with a joystick and a few buttons, whereas the Smooth 4 has many shortcut buttons and a focus/zoom wheel for greater nadechworld.comntrol, which prevents the need for using a touchscreen while shooting.

Even though both gimbals have Pan, Follow and Lock shooting modes, the Smooth 4’s trigger button (located on the back of the handle) lets you easily switch between different gimbal modes (up and down) perfect for fast-paced shooting, whereas the Osmo Mobile 2 locks in one direction or position, or in Pan Follow mode.

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The Osmo Mobile 2 has a joystick (that lets you renadechworld.comrd or take photos), which is something that the Smooth 4 doesn’t have.

The Smooth 4 allows you to pause renadechworld.comrding without switching off the gimbal. Simply fold your phone into place and pull it back again without waiting for it to power up.

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Object Tracking: A feature for both, yet the Smooth’s 4’s object/face tracking has been reported to lose track of the selected object.

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