Compare Yuneec Typhoon H Vs Dji Phantom 4 Vs Typhoon H: Which Is Better For You

Yuneec just released the new Typhoon H Plus. Is it worth picking up instead of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0? We will take a look at these questions to help you decide which drone is best for you.

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Phantom Series or Typhoon Series?


The Yuneec Typhoon H is one awesome machine. And it looks pretty cool too.

Why would you want a Typhoon H instead of the more popular Phantom 4 Pro? There are a few very good reasons. When we compare the original Typhoon camera to the Phantom 4 Pro camera it actually looks better in a lot of situations despite its inferior specs.


We put both cameras through some rigorous testing including our test chart. The Typhoon series sports a wider more immersive field of view than the Phantom series which is possible thanks to its low-slung camera and retractable legs.

Now Yuneec has upgraded an already excellent camera with the new Typhoon H Plus. The Typhoon H + will have the coveted 1-inch sensor and will be capable of 4K at 60 fps as well as 20 MP stills, putting its camera specs on par with the Phantom 4 Pro.


The new DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is the best Phantom that DJI has made to date.

Video Footage


The original Typhoon H is an underrated drone.

With the camera so far from the propellers, we don’t see the artifacts that sometimes occur with the Phantom series. We aren’t knocking the Phantom 4 Pro camera. It is excellent, but when flying at higher speeds you will sometimes get shimmers or even props in the frame. When looking down and flying sideways or in wind you can sometimes catch the Phantom’s legs in the picture as well. These issues just don’t happen with the low-hanging gimbal and retractable legs of the Typhoon series of drones. We can only catch the props in view at max acceleration for a brief instant and we never see the Typhoon’s legs (as long as we remember to lift the landing gear).


Watch our Typhoon H come to life.

The retractable landing gear and gimbal capable of 360-degrees of motion will allow you to get footage that you just can’t get with the Phantom. With the Phantom 4, you are limited to what is in front of the drone, the Typhoon series drones allow for two operators to control the drone and camera independently for more complex shots.


The Typhoon’s legs get out of the way so you see the world, not the drone from its 4K camera.



The unique six rotor design is typical Yuneec.

The hexacopter design of the Typhoon also has some advantages. Aside from it looking super cool, it has some real practical advantages. One failed motor won’t cause a crash landing. Surprisingly it is also quieter than the Phantom. While we haven’t tested the new Typhoon H + yet, but it claims to be 40% quieter than the original. Bonus.


The Typhoon does fold up, but you aren’t throwing this in your backpack like a Mavic.



The Typhoon Remote has a built-in screen but is fairly large.

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The ST16S ground station controller is gigantic, but it doesn’t require you to use your smartphone as a screen. Of course, you could opt for the Phantom 4 Pro + with the built-in screen, but be prepared to shell out a few extra hundred dollars to do so.

How about the Phantom?


Take a look at the Phantom 4 Advanced.

The Phantom does have some advantages too. The smaller form factor is nice. Sure the Typhoon does have folding arms, but no one is confusing it for a Mavic anytime soon. The Phantom is simply easier to transport than the Typhoon.

The Phantom has an obstacle avoidance advantage as well. With 5 directions of integral obstacle avoidance, you won’t be paying extra for Intel-designed obstacle avoidance that comes as an upgrade to the Typhoon series.


You can see the obstacle avoidance sensors on the side of the Phantom 4 Pro.

When it comes to battery tech, DJI is a big winner. The Typhoon batteries are not smart batteries so they won’t discharge when not in use to preserve battery quality. You’ll have to make sure you properly maintain them. With no intelligence, you will need to turn on your Typhoon to see how much juice is left in the battery. We also have noticed in practice that our Typhoon H’s battery takes longer to charge than our Phantom 4’s battery. For unknown reasons Yuneec still hasn’t moved to smart batteries, which gives the Phantom a major leg up. 


The DJI smart batteries are a definite advantage over the Yuneec “dumb” batteries.

There is no arguing that DJI is the leader in drone technology. Their drones are top-notch and their support is also reasonably good. There is plenty of forum support telling you everything you’d ever want to know about the Phantom 4 or any other model. You know what you are getting and you know it will be good.


The Phantom 4 Pro is an excellent machine and is hard to beat.

Check the price of a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 from DJI Check the price of a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 from Amazon

Overall, the DJI Phantom is one heck of a drone, but there are definitely some applications where we believe the Typhoon series of drones may actually be better. We love our original Typhoon and with the release of the Typhoon H + there is definitely some excitement for a real competitor to the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. In a lot of ways, the Typhoon series of drones is more comparable to the Inspire series than the Phantom series, but at a lower cost than an Inspire.


The Yuneec Typhoon H Plus with a one-inch sensor is a fantastic drone.

Learn more about the Typhoon H Plus Learn more about the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

The price of the original Typhoon H continues to fall. You can pick up a brand new one for close to $700 and sometimes you can find refurbished units for around $500. When it comes to value that is hard to beat.


The original Typhoon H might just be the best bang for your buck in aerial photography drones.

Check the price of a new Typhoon H Check the price of a refurbished Typhoon H

The new and improved Typhoon H + is definitely a little more pricey starting around $1800 but if you want the best it is going to cost you.


The new Typhoon H plus has a slightly different look than the original H.

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Order a Typhoon H Plus from Amazon Order a Typhoon H Plus from B & H

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