Is over there a much less expensive general market alternate to Motorcraft Specialty Orange engine coolant? evaluate by the ingredients, the Motorcraft coolant walk not have silicates or phosphates, yet uses ethylene glycol and also an hexanoate additive.

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Couldn"t uncover anything that looked comparable in advanced Auto Parts and O"Reilly"s about here, and only the certified dealer seem to have actually the Motorcraft brand.





As a casual car guy, I uncover it especially disturbing the the color-coding isn"t consistent. "Only placed orange in orange" would be a nice rule, however it"s supposedly overly restrictive. Perhaps orange, perhaps pink, that knows? No allude in color-coding uneven you"re absolutely regular with it.


There space some coolant mixes that case you can add them to anything. From the label, it seems choose they merely leave the end the anti-corrosion additive (which room what don"t acquire along) and just have the ethylene glycol. The would perform in a pinch, but wouldn"t be right as a permanent solution.


The Ford spec number for the coolant is WSS-M97B44-D2. (Double-check that in the manual, please.) Some products that claim to it is in compatible:



Valvoline Zerex DEX-COOL Life 5/150


Valvoline G-05 is orange v OAT and also claims come be offered in newer Ford vehicles, however the spec in your data sheet is Ford WSS-M97B51-A1. I"ve checked out that encourage by human being on forums, yet I haven"t done enough research to recognize whether the two specs match.


They it seems ~ to more commonly it is in marketed together compatible with the GM trademark "Dex-Cool".

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theoldwizard 461


Posted February 5, 2013
Valvoline G-05 is orange through OAT and claims to be supplied in more recent Ford vehicles, but the spec in your data sheet is Ford WSS-M97B51-A1. I"ve checked out that recommended by people on forums, however I haven"t done enough research to know whether the two specs match.

Ford WSS-M97B51-A1 is Motorcraft yellow Antifreeze/Coolant



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ldd 3


Posted February 5, 2013

So, stick come the spec numbers. Color and terminology space no guarantee of compatibility.

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YT90SC 311


Posted February 6, 2013

NEVER add ANY type of Glycol to an OAT. There is no such point as a universal coolant.

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earlygrey 0


subject Starter
Posted February 25, 2013

Thanks to every for responding. The web links were especially advantageous in gaining me approximately speed.


Since I was in a time crunch at time of initial posting ns went through the stated Motorcraft product. It looks favor the Dex-Cool could be a an ext cost effective an option next time.

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Motorcraft Specialty Orange engine coolant (equivalent?)
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