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I remember at one suggest playing 358/2 Days, i forget where, but there a mission in ~ the mansion courtyard, and (I"ve never ever played BbS, and also at that details moment with time knew nothing about it) I saw Roxas wearing part funny clothes, no his organization coat, not his apparel that the was discovered in. Later, ns was told that that wasn"t also Roxas, yet a character called Ventus.Skip front to a few days ago, I started my rerun with Dream autumn Distance, and also as well together seeing Roxas and also Ventus show up almost everywhere the place, we watch some company members returning to human being form. As well as the currently under his eyes, Axel looks similar to Lea. In fact, the only other Nobodies I"ve noticed that don"t look like their former selves space Xemnas and Naminé. So when Sora rotate the Keyblade on self to cost-free Kairi"s heart, why didn"t his nobody look favor him? Possibly due to the fact that of the reality that Ventus"s heart to be hiding in ~ Sora"s?

Ventus" heart being in Sora as soon as he stabbed self is without doubt a factor. That, linked with the brief amount that time Sora spent as a Heartless, was what enabled Roxas" appearance to be based upon Ventus".
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^ Exactly. Ventus also granted Roxas his ability to duel wield since when doing so Roxas is summoning and using both Sora"s and Ventus" keyblades simultaneously.

Also, the character you witnessed for a brief second in days to be neither Roxas no one Ventus. The was Xion, yet Xion"s appearance changes depending top top who"s looking at her and how well they"re associated to Sora. Xigbar hadn"t encountered Sora, yet he knew Ven and that"s why in that instance she appeared to him as Ven.

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When Sora stabbed himself through the heart Unlocker keyblade, both his heart and Kairi"s love left his body but Ven"s continued to be inside that it because it to be still sleeping.Ven"s dormant heart altered Sora"s body, and thus we have Roxas that looks choose Ven. Lock aren"t 100% lookalikes, though. Roxas has brown eyebrows choose Sora, though couple of tend to notification it.It is theorized that Namine"s blond hair was additionally influenced by Ven"s love in the quick moment that it took to develop her. Her being first born in lock Oblivion helps to offer this idea credence, considering Ven"s own body is in CO and also it is feasible Namine to be "drawn" come the place as her existence brushed against Ven"s heart. (Namine as a whole is unique because she was made by Kairi"s love leaving Sora"s body yet only making use of a little fragment of stated body to provide her form, which leader to one more idea the she wasn"t a true Nobody at all yet something else entirely)

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Anagram said:
^ Exactly. Ventus additionally granted Roxas his capability to duel wield due to the fact that when doing therefore Roxas is summoning and also using both Sora"s and also Ventus" keyblades simultaneously.
Really? I constantly thought it had something to do with Xion, as Roxas doesn"t appear to have the ability to wield 2 Keyblades till Xion"s death, once he goes after Kingdom Hearts.

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Also, the personality you saw for a brief 2nd in days was neither Roxas no one Ventus. The was Xion, but Xion"s appearance changes depending ~ above who"s looking in ~ her and also how well they"re associated to Sora. Xigbar hadn"t encountered Sora, yet he knew Ven and also that"s why in that circumstances she appeared to him together Ven.