Why Do The Voice Judges Wear The Same Clothes, Why Do Judges On The Voice Wear The Same Clothes

Based on Jenny’s I Dream of Jeanie delusion, it appears that they taped several blocks of the show sequentially with the judges in the same outfits. They wore different outfits when the Flower, Butterfly and others were eliminated and they wouldn’t have the judges change back into the same outfits every other episode/week.

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Jenny and Nicole were wearing what they wore weeks ago, which could mean that they taped the those episodes and semi final that aired last night as one block… meaning, they could have had the eliminations planned all along. Why? Well, the contestants were duking it out in blocks, but then showed up for the semi final when the judges were wearing an older, previously worn set of costumes.


It's been discussed a few times. Many people think that some episodes were shot simultaneously, like the different groups were shot back to back. My own theory is that that only had them pick three or four outfits and made them rewear them throughout shooting, whether it was done in order or not, because last season, each outfit was different and it gave away some unmaskings. Rabbit comes to mind. They tried to crop Nick out of his unmasking image, but you could see the cuff of his sleeve, so you knew seeing Nick come out in that suit, it was Rabbit's night to go.

I noticed they are wearing the same clothes in Rottweiler’s Love Runs Out, Castle on the Hill, and Someone You Loved. Same makeup on the ladies. I’m pretty sure they do tape 2-3 episodes at a time with groups.

Yeah, totally agree there. Probably helps out with keeping things from leaking.

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Just need them to make sure people don't write articles on their taping experience when it was the final 6 (like I said in the past, even if we didn't know it at the time- we eventually came to the realization that it was the final 6) and that they use more material from the beginning episodes rather than near the end for the promos so they don't intentionally or unintentionally spoil anything.

This is a common post here and the response is that it's very common for reality shows to have hosts/judges wear the same outfits in multiple episodes, for post production reasons. Season 2 was shot in order over the course of a month or so.

Jenny has said on her radio show that they are required to wear the same outfits/hair/makeup so they have more reaction shots that can be used.

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I noticed this when one of the female judges had a blue dress on multiple showings. However, many shows do multiple takings in one day. Talk shows, game shows, etc. Family Feud shows families wearing the same outfits 3 shows in a row. Game shows will have same audience members for multiple days, as well.

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