Why Do Some Minions Have Only One Eye, 5 Obscure Minion Facts To Impress Your Kids With

By now, almost everyone is aware of the minions. Despicable Me series is a smash hit. All the movies of this series have done well. The one thing that makes minion characters so special is their innocence and cuteness. Every minion is so cute that you can’t but fall in love with these yellow creatures. There is one unique thing among many minions, and that is they have one eye. You don’t expect to see people with a single eye. That is why one-eyed minions are an attraction in the movies as well. The film of Despicable Me series had some extraordinary things in them that made them so famous among millions of people. You must be wondering what made everyone fall in love with Minion Names. Which minion characters are one-eyed? Let’s discuss all these in this article.

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What Made Everyone Fall In Love With Minions?

Minions are very much lovable. If you watch any part of the Despicable Me series, you will have a soft corner for minions in your heart. There are some characteristics of minions that make them so unique and lovable among so many people. Let’s see have a look at some of those features:

Small Size:

Minions are tiny in stature. The average height of the minions is around 105cm. So, that shows how tall they are. These unusual creatures with short height are very much adorable. Therefore, even if you don’t know What Are The Minions Names Are, you will still fall in love with them.

Yellow Colour:

No matter what, you cannot imagine minions without a yellow color. Just imagine minions with red or green or blue or any other color, and you will see that they are not that adorable anymore. So, this yellow color plays a vital role in making minions so lovable.


The antics of minions will surely amuse you. Their acts of foolishness will make you laugh out loud. Some Minion Character Names are so funny that it suits what they will do on the screen. Their stupidity and outrageous behavior are what make them so laughable.

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Childlike Attitude:

Everyone loves children because they are so pure from the heart. Children never do anything that will heart people intentionally. Also, their behavior and attitude to even the simplest of the things that make them so cute and lovable. Minions also behave like children. You cannot differentiate between the behavior of a child and a minion.

5 One-Eyed Minion Characters That Entertained You on the Screen

You generally don’t see people with one eye on the roads or anywhere else. It is where minions are different. Not all minion characters have one eye. But, some minion characters look cute and adorable even with just an eye. Let’s find out some One Eyed Minion Name:


Kevin is an unusual character among minions. It is not only because he has just one eye, but he also looks quite like Stuart. His height is just 6cm. Kevin’s height became so short because of Gru. Also, Kevin adores Gru, and that is an extraordinary thing. He is the smallest of all minions. Hair: Centre-parted and flatBody: SlimEyes: 1Height: 6cmLoves: Gru


Lance is one of the very few minion characters who does not have any evil trait in his character. But, he is very much cleanliness freak. He loves cleanliness more than anything else. Also, he loves to sing and dance. Lance does not have a major role in the story, but he is one of those characters that you just can’t but adore.

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Hair: Buzz HaircutBody: Eyes: 1Height: 105cmHates: DirtLoves: Singing, Dancing, Cleanliness


Darwin has a concise role in the movie. You can see him in the Banana video. In this video, you will see Darwin fighting over a Banana that Larry was taking out of Darwin’s bag. Darwin loves banana so much that he does not want to share it with anyone. Hair: Centre-parted and flatBody: SlimEyes: 1Height: 105cmLoves: Banana


Just like Kevin, Jon also looks like Stuart, who has a major role in the movie Despicable Me. Jon is also a one-eyed minion. Jon does not have any major role in the story. But the scene where he gets caught by Gru while imitating his hand puppet is amusing. You will laugh out loud while watching that scene.Hair: Centre-parted and flatEyes: 1Height: 105cm


Stuart is very popular among Despicable Me Minion Names. He is the best friend of Dave, who acts as a protagonist in the story of minions in Despicable Me. Stuart is a very lovable character because he laughs whole-heartedly, and he is sincere. However, the one thing that Stuart hates the most is when he gets bullied by other minions. Nevertheless, the list of popular one-eyed minion characters will be incomplete without mentioning Stuart. Hair: Centre-parted and flatBody: SlimEyes: 1Height: 94cmHates: Bullying by other minionsLoves: Laughing and playingFinally, these are some of the one-eyed minion characters that have marveled minion fans in the Despicable Me series. You can surely watch the minions with your kids and have a great time. You can rest assured you will laugh your heart out by watching their antics.

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