The Odyssey is an epos Greek city that tells the story that the return journey of Odysseus come the island of Ithaca. It describes the obstacles that Odysseus had actually to confront as the tried come return home. Few of the obstacles include various monsters, a visit to the afterlife, cannibals, drugs, enchanting women, and Poseidon’s hostility, among the Greek Gods, himself.

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After facing countless woes in his trip home, unfortunately, Odysseus discovered that his trials were not over upon getting to Ithaca. There he uncovered that 108 young men, the suitors, had invaded his house. Their function was to put press on Odysseus’ wife, Penelope, come marry among them. The suitors are described negatively as being rude, slovenly, disrespectful and ungrateful.

The suitors’ problem was fixed by hold a bow contest, which led to the slaughter of the suitors through Odysseus and also his son, Telemachus. With the treatment from Athena, goddess that wisdom, victory, and also war, tranquility was revitalized on Ithaca.

Odysseus’s story highlights the strength of love for home and family; since of his intense love because that his family and also his desire to return home, Odysseus overcame fear and hatred and ultimately defeated the suitors who endangered to steal every little thing that belonged come him.

The Suitors

Odysseus is the king of Ithaca, a Greek island through a rugged terrain known for its isolation. Come fight because that the Greeks in the Trojan War, Odysseus departed indigenous Ithaca, leaving behind his newborn child, Telemachus and his wife, Penelope. 10 years had passed, and also Odysseus still had actually not returned.

During this long absence of Odysseus, 108 unmarried young males suspected the Odysseus had died in the battle or also in his journey ago home. These young men, that are referred to as the suitors in the poem, took up residence in Odysseus’ home and vied Penelope’s hand in marriage. 52 that the suitors were from Dulichium, 24 from Same, 20 native Zacynthus, and the various other 12 were from Ithaca.

Penelope, displeased by your presence, devised a plan to delay the suitors’ courtship. According to her plan, she declared that she would certainly only choose her suitor after ~ weaving a funeral shroud to be gift to Odysseus’ father, Laertes.

Penelope worked on the shroud for 3 years, all in a while waiting for her husband’s go back to Ithaca. However, among Penelope’s maidservants named Melantho revealed Penelope’s delaying arrangement to Eurymachus, who later on told the suitors.

Upon learning of her tactic, the suitors inquiry Penelope pick her husband amongst them.

The suitors displayed bad behavior in Odysseus’ home. They drank wine and also ate his food. Telemachus, Odysseus’s son, who had grown up into a young man, was extremely frustrated v the suitors’ poor behavior.

Telemachus to express his irritation around the suitors’ behavior to one of Odysseus’ guest-friends, Mentes, who is in reality goddess Athena in disguise. ~ above listening to Telemachus, Athena urged Telemachus to stand as much as the suitors and then search for his father.

Once Odysseus returned house disguised together a beggar by Athena (so that he deserve to plot his revenge), along with Telemachus and two that Telemachus’ friends, Eumaeus and Philoetius, they set out to death the suitors and those maidservants that were disloyal to him.

List the Suitors

Out of 108 suitors, three of castle are taken into consideration important in telling the epic poem. Lock are:


He is the boy of Eupheithes and is the first that the suitors to dice amid Odysseus’ return to Ithaca. He is the most disrespectful amongst the suitors, and according to the epos poem, that is the one the planned to kill Telemachus ~ above his return to Ithaca. His plan, however, was outvoted through Amphinomus. Antinous behaves arrogantly in Odysseus’ house when Odysseus is disguised together a beggar; not just did the disrespect Odysseus by no showing any type of hospitality, but he additionally threw a stool at him.


The child of Polybus, he is the 2nd among the suitors to appear in the epic poem. That acted together the leader among them as result of his charisma. He outdoes the various other suitors in gift-giving, i m sorry made that the likely candidate to win Penelope’s hand in marriage. The union between Eurymachus and also Penelope was additionally supported by Penelope’s father and also brothers. Despite his charismatic image, Eurymachus is actually very deceitful. He uncovered Penelope’s arrangement to hold-up her remarriage from one of her maidservants, Melantho, through whom that was having actually an affair. Top top Odysseus’s revelation to the suitors, Eurymachus put all the reference on Antinous to escape Odysseus’ wrath. However, eventually he is eliminated by an arrowhead shot by Odysseus.

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He is the child of King Nisos and also is recognized to it is in the most sympathetic among the suitors because he attempted come dissuade the suitors from killing Telemachus. Odysseus knew around this and also wanted to preventive his life. Therefore, that warned Amphinomus to leave his house before the last battle take it place. However, Amphinomus decided to stay and also eventually acquired killed by Telemachus, together with the other suitors.