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Why did Obi Wan Kenobi disappeared after been hit by Vader"s lightsaber?And why did he let Darth Vader kill him? It has no sense!!!!!!!
that"s the problem... it"s the ghost trick...GL said that to solve it, you had to "crack" this one..."If you strike me down, I shall become more powerfull than you can possible imagen"still, there is nothing final about todays theories, it will be explained in 2005, or so Mc Callum claims...Most people think it has to do with the prophecy
The point is, Vader didn;t kill Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan faded first.

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Obi-Wan knew that escape was difficult from where he was, and Luke and co were too busy watching him to move. He knew that if things came to the worse he could always do the ghost trick and carry on teaching Luke. And it suddenly occurred to him that he was actually better off doing it right there and then- VAder would think him dead, but in fact he was free to keeo helping Luke in ghost form!And hence the Dark Side was outwitted.
I meant to say his life faded and died then he dissapeared

didn"t think he ever learned

A very interesting mystery we seem to have on our hands...I always wondered about Yoda and Obi-Wan vanishing upon their deaths. Yet allegedly the reconverted Anakin did the same,leaving only the Vader armour behind. However, if one checks out an obscure passage in "Champions of the Force"(the final book in the Jedi academy trilogy by Kevin Anderson), Luke Skywalker wondered why his body did not vanish when he thought he was dead,following the betrayal of one of his students at the academy. He thought it meant he was not a true Jedi Master. However,as we all know,he wasn"t really dead,it was only a trick by the Sith Lord in the book. So whatever the reason behind the disappearing,Luke did not know how to do it.Which only serves to enhance this liitle mystery of ours...

You Fools if you watched the third movie(6th one made) it says at the end that quigon-jin figured out a way of revival so maybe obi-wan made contact with yoda and darth sidios showed darth vader how to do this as well explaining all your problems. And they could just bind their spirit through the force

Originally posted by ravish i feel the reason that qui gon didnt disappear is simply because he didnt know how to..and in episodes 2 and 3..when the jedi start to be killed off..yoda...obiwan..and a few of the remainin jedi learn to come back cuz they know they will need to...and thats why obi wan knows how and jin doesnt...i think How much further could this prophecy have been from the truth!