Why Did James Leave The Creatures Great And Small Mass Market Paperback just said it on stream. Rip the creatures.EDIT : Joe and Aron also left the creatures, and joined Cow Chop.Gonna make a quick summary :

They left the creatures due to multiple back and forth creative conflicts.

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They have no idea what the creatures are going to do ( future projects etc)

They have inside projects planned but they have to figure out what they're going to do ( what type of channel, what videos fit etc ) before recruiting other youtubers in this channel.

The king probably won't make a return in cowchop

Nothing planned for a podcast

The reason they moved out is because the price for the house is half from what they were going to pay for the rooms in the office.

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Welp, there it is. Really sad to see a group you were with for so long just kinda separate like that. I know change is always a thing but shit, still kinda hurts a bit

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Hurts a lot. Everyone is now gone except for Jordan and Dan.

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Yep so many good times to look back on.

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It is like the Beatles…

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Yea damn my heart kinda dropped when I saw this. I've been with the creatures since around 2011, I feel like their really close friends that I've never met. I think the remainder of the creatures are just gonna full on join rt. I also think the smaller ones are just gonna leave. These 2 years have been kinda depressing but hopefully they'll figure something out.

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Yeah, I get what you're saying, but Im sure Im not the only one who waited for creatures videos but when they saw that either James or Aleks aren't in the video, just noped out of there, I mean I just knew this was coming, the videos were not the same as before, Spencer is the only somewhat funny guy left there now that James, Aleks, Intern Joe and Aron left, Jordan was kinda funny before but he has a moment every other month, Dan was never funny and just forcefully tries to make people laugh but it just never works, for me at least, I knew this was coming, I just knew it, and the moment the “Moving out” video came out and I just knew that who ever helped them move out were the one leaving, and to be honest, I think this was the better choice, now all 5 of them can do whatever videos they see fit, and each one of them is really funny, so I guess at least now we get funnier videos. Sorry for bad englando


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Ah, man. This is the end of Creatures as we knew them for many years…I really wish The Creatures stabilize and basically re-brand themselves somehow.

edit: I don't even know how to phrase this.. lol. I don't think I'll be watching much of the Creatures in the future but I really hope they do well subscriber and viewer-wise.

Edit 2: Joe and Aron are also not a part of the Creatures anymore!

Edit 3: They seem so happy, so that makes me very happy 🙂

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It was a good run.

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Creature Carl
I'm glad they brought Joe and Aron along. They were my favorite interns.


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Well, let's this be the only crossover post for both subs:

Announcements and Q&A:

As of 4:18 PM EST, April 28 2016, the Hub channel is rapidly decreasing in subscribers

James and Aleks are no longer part of the Creatures SHIP HAS BEEN SAILED

CowChop and TheCreatures are separate entities

They wanted to say something for a while, though the Lets Play/RT integration made it difficult

They were planning to leave; Aleks was borderline done with TheCreatures a few months ago. Came back after Secret Santa stuff; though, creativity and business management clashed constantly.

CowChop DOES NOT FIT to TheCreatures, and vice-versa, as seen by age-gated videos

CowChop compared to Adult Swim shows

Aleks and James Duo Streams stem the idea of CowChop

CowChop is part of LetsPlay (RT's Gaming), separate from The Creatures.

All resources and equipment are out of THEIR EXPENSES; NO INVESTMENT FROM Rooster Teeth NOR TheCreatures

James is the only investor for their equipment

CowChop is doing well, James hope nothing goes to waste.

See more: Amd Ryzen 3 3200G Vs Intel Core I3 Gen 10100 Vs Ryzen 3 3200G Vs Intel Core I3

Undetermined future for the channel; with only 2 weeks worth of content.

One month of layover between CowChop and the Creatures. Any past videos with them were prerecorded a few weeks ago

Intern Joe and Aron have left The Creatures after meeting of planning out CowChop. Intern Joe sticks with James, due to him moving to Colorado in the first place.

Aron's job was to work on the Creatures website. However, now with the RT integration, he had no job. Hence, his move to CowChop

Trevor is a freelance editor, worked some part on the Hub

James: “It's not the interns/employees fault, it's management problems”.

James and Aleks have not played a large role in the Creatures; they would have changed management, but they were not given the positions.

Creatively, they both played around Trevor's role, as seen in the VR video

Room for possible guests AFTER channel's identity and plan is determined

They will need to iron out the channel before relying on other people for ideas, and join in collabs

NO NAMES AND LABELS ON PEOPLE (Example: Dex on TheCreatures, with his label of being a Creature)


Takeover-like content, similar to the duo streams

The King is not coming back.

Tentative plan: James and Stefani vs Artist Joe and Spencer

Rocket League match

Planned for a while, during Aleks break

James wanted EVERYONE involved

Delayed for a while, then scheduled, then blocked by Stefani's schooling plan

Froze in time; no finale.

Road to E3 depended on TheCreatures plan. They will not be involved

Easter Egg Hunt did not happen due to CowChop launch

No plans for podcasts

Experimenting with the channel, doing risky plays

Staying with the office was a thought, though paying rent for three rooms would be too much and noising problems (Amount was close to double the amount of their studio)

Formulas and pricing were on calculations

Intern Joe and Aron were switching between the CowChop and theCreatures

Last interaction with Jordan was at the Grand Prix

If met again, they would be uncomfortable through creative visions

They are creating new stuff and okay with Creature House nostalgia

Undetermined plans of staying, moving, who knows, maybe new state?

Collaborations could happen, who knows.

Shows announced/planned:

Amazon Stuff

Dark Side of YouTube

Imported Games

VR Gameplay

They will be with LetsPlayLive2 and sharing new ideas

James answers as much as he cans, with justified answers, on Twitter, Tumblr,, YouTube, etc.

Yesterday's video triggered this stream; they had to do stream to prevent assumptions

Stream VOD will be up, judgement videos will not be uploaded on personal channel.

They love their content on CowChop, and are now more energized and happy

They want to expand and do anything they want on either a studio, a house, or anywhere.

Motorbike videos on TheCreatures were warned by the Creatures Office landlord and lawyer, and well as Lush Pool


CowChop merchandise coming soon, as well as James' Squiggly Cup, Cow will be their icon.

See more: If You’Re Running A Race And You Pass The Person In Second Place, What Place Are You In?

As long as fans watch the CowChop videos, they will keep going on new content

Aleks idea: “CowChop Tour to Los Angeles, California”

CowChop invaded FunHaus booth on PAX East, video coming soon

James feels weird being younger per person age under the LetsPlay (RT Gaming) umbrella.

Congrats James on 3 million subscribers

“What you see right now, is what you get…We will plan accordingly and try to set something up specifically for them” – James

“We are expanding on the idea of the Duo Streams from 2014”

Supercast will not be coming back; regrettable of announcing the movie


Phrase will now be forbidden on CowChop

May be pulled from Twitch for not having gameplay

LetsPlay/Rooster Teeth is their “basic Multichannel Network (MCM)”

“I've done most of what I've set out to achieve on my own, and my only goal now is to make sure my friends are taken care of.” – James, 2016

James would be in a vastly different rich position if he had not met Aleks/ImmortalHD, and competed with PewDiePie

Aleks of course described himself as a friend of James while meeting top YouTubers, like KSI and PewDiePie

Aleks was not recognized as strong, even being part of Polaris, at the PAX East convention

They would need more help in case quality drops for personal channels and CowChop channel

CowChop recognized greatly on PAX, with appreciation and support

Currently looking up Avengers Civil War team ideas

Looking up being trended on Twitch and Twitter

James back has not improved; confused on having a healthy back or not

Relocating could happen, but you never know

P.O. Box was starting to become stagnant, though high demand for it can make it brought back, with InternJoe's help

New people would have to okay with age-gated stuff, and be comfortable with it, while not be forced to do it

Aleks came up with the name of CowChop, while James makes up the show titles

Streams will be relaxed/laid back, similar to Duo Streams of 2014

The balance of DuoStreams, personal channels, and the Hub was hectic

Support for GameGrumps, and similar to it; though mixed in with Duo Stream ideas

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