Get to recognize Daren Kagasoff, who most recently starred in NBC’s beloved family drama, ‘The Village’ with these 15 fun facts.

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You may understand his name, yet what else execute you know around Daren Kagasoff? The actor, who recently starred on NBC’s beloved family drama The Village, is a lot an ext than simply a pretty face. Take it a look at 15 funny facts about Daren below!

2) His breakout duty was as Ricky Underwood top top the ABC family members drama The mystery Life of the American Teenager. He illustrated the troubled teen-turned-dad for 5 seasons, from 2008-2013 alongside huge names prefer Shaliene Woodley and also Molly Ringwald.

#tbt Ricky and also Amy. This present was my start in the business and Im forever grateful.

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3) His debut function film duty was in the fear film Ouija.

4) Daren actually filmed a TV pilot with Emma Roberts dubbed Delirium, i beg your pardon was based on the best selling trilogy through Lauren Oliver. The pilot was ultimately not picked up through FOX, but the an initial episode was easily accessible to stream on Hulu for a short time in 2014.

5) other TV functions Daren’s nabbed over the year are: guest spots on SWAT and also Stalker, and a recurring duty on Red tape Society.

6) Daren winner a Teen an option Award in 2009 — “Choice Summer TV Star: Male” — for his role as Ricky on The secret Life the the American Teenager. He to be nominated for “Choice masculine Actor” 5 added times end the show’s run.

7) His most recent TV stint was together Gabe Napolitano, a young male who takes treatment of his grand on NBC’s The Village. Girlfriend can examine out a quiet from the show below:


8) he is the middle child the 3: he has actually an older brother called Justin and also a younger sister named Natalie.

9) that actually determined to end up being an gibbs while attending college at mountain Francisco State University.

10) contrary to well-known belief, the was no in a partnership with any kind of of his Secret Life co-stars in real life. Just really great friends through Shailene, along with Francia Raisa, and also Megan Park, who shown Adrian and also Grace, respectively.

11) The many recent partnership Daren has remained in is through hair colorist Bre Trupiano, back the two have actually not posted any photos together since tagging each other in your Memorial day weekend photos from a expedition to Jamaica. They were tagged in a friend’s date of birth party photo ago in October, so safe to speak the pair is tho going strong.

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Triple threat Ken, Greg and also I method back when

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12) In enhancement to being close with the women of The mystery Life, Daren’s also good friends v co-star Greg Finley. The 2 often talk about each other’s society medias, and even article some throwback photos circa the Secret Life days.

13) Daren’s a fitness fanatic, often going to the gym and lifting weights.

14) His star authorize is Virgo.

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15) If you’re not following him on social media, you must be! check him out on Instagram and Twitter.

Now friend know much more about the talented gibbs Daren Kagasoff. Us hope to view him light up displays with his next significant project really soon!


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