Which Of The Following Will Not Have The Same Number Of Valence Electrons?

In the periodic table the elements are sorted according to their atomic numbers, that is, according to the number of protons, in order, in an increasing manner.

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The elements are distributed in rows called periods and columns that are called groups.

In a group, all the elements have the same number of electrons in their last layer, generating that they have similar chemical properties.

Elements that are of the same period have different properties but similar masses because in this case they have the same number of orbitals. That is, an element with five electronic layers will be in the fifth period.

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With this in mind, you can say that the bismuth will not have the same number of valence electrons because it belongs to group VA or 15 and the carbon, the silicon and the lead belong to group VA or 14.


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BismuthAll elements except Bismuth are in group 4 (or 14), and thus have the same number of electrons.
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