Which defines a distinction in between transcription and also DNA replication?

1. DNA replication is the process of making 2 daughter strand wright here each daughter strand also consists of fifty percent of the original DNA double helix. Transcription is the procedure of synthesis of RNA making use of DNA as a layout.

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What ideal explains a difference in between transcription and DNA replication apex?

Transcription is the procedure wbelow the DNA sequence is copied, cut and also supplied to create RNA while DNA replication is the manufacturing of new brand-new strands of DNA developed from a singular base strand also.

Which finest explains a distinction between transcription and also DNA replication A just transcription happens in the nucleus B DNA replication takes location in the ribosome C DNA replication supplies thymine D transcription does not call for DNA?

Replication results in mRNA strands while transcription creates brand-new DNA. Transcription happens external the nucleus and also replication happens inside the nucleus. Thymine is provided in replication while uracil is used in transcription. just DNA replication duplicates the instructions for making proteins.

What is a significant distinction between DNA replication and also DNA transcription quizlet?

First, replication is the duplication of two strands of DNA, whereas transcription is the formation of a single identical DNA from the two stranded DNA. 2nd, there are various proteins connected in replication and transcription (uracil and thymine).

Which ideal describes a distinction in between laser light and constant light?

Both usage mirrors to reflect a beam of light. Which best describes a difference between laser light and also regular light? Laser light is made of one certain color. Reflecting telescopes deserve to gather light from objects farther in room.

Which of the following is true for both transcription and DNA replication?

The principle of complementarity governs the process of both transcription and DNA replication because of the truth that once two DNA or RNA sequences are aligned anti parallel to each other, the nucleotides bases at each position in the sequences will be complementary or choose mirror image.

Which ideal describes a difference between transcription and DNA replication transcription does not need DNA?

They usage different nucleotide bases. DNA replication involves synthesis of DNA molecules, while transcription is a process that involves synthesis of RNA molecules. In both procedures, DNA acts as template and gives information for synthesis of brand-new daughter DNA or RNA strand.

Which finest describes what happens once light traveling?

Answer: It moves along directly lines in air and alters direction as soon as it enters water. Explanation: When light travels from one medium to an additional, it undergoes a phenomenon referred to as refraction: the ray of light changes rate and also likewise direction, however it continues to move in a straight line.

Which ideal describes what happens once light traveling through air?

Light slows down as soon as it moves from air into water. Which finest defines what happens as soon as light traveling with air enters water at an angle? It moves alengthy directly lines in air and changes direction as soon as it enters water.

What is DNA replication transcription and also translation?

The process by which DNA is copied to RNA is dubbed transcription, and also that through which RNA is offered to develop proteins is referred to as translation.

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Does transcription require DNA?

Key points: Transcription is the initially action in gene expression. It requires copying a gene’s DNA sequence to make an RNA molecule. Transcription is performed by enzymes dubbed RNA polymerases, which link nucleotides to develop an RNA strand also (using a DNA strand as a template).