I have reached the part where I have to go through the Rusturf Tunnel and there are boulders that are breakable. The NPC that said he was digging the tunnel by himself said the rocks are too hard and he can"t get through and when I walked closer to them, the player mentioned "if only I could smash these rocks".

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Where can I acquire Rock Smash?


You are automatically given Rock Smash after defeating Wally in Mauville city, in front of the gym and you will need the Dynamo badge to use it outside of battle.

At the point described in the question, however, you don"t have to go through the Rusturf tunnel yet, instead you have to go to Dewford town, south from the Rustboro city (credit goes to


To get to Dewford Town you need an HM surf. An HM surf is given by Wally's dad after getting the Petalburg City Gym Badge. To get this you have to get all other Gym Badges even the ones across the sea. All this stuff is really confusing me so can someone make it clear to me what I have to do first.
If you go to the mart in mauville city its the buiding right next to it on the right go inside and talk to the guy who will give you HM06 aka rock smash


This has already been said in another answer, which actually turned out to be wrong. Please keep in mind that duplicate answers are frowned upon here and subject to deletion.
In Sapphire you get it from Wally"s uncle, but in Ruby you get it from the guy in the house to left of the mart in Mauvile City.



You are not given it automatically after beating Wally, you get the HM by talking to the man in the house on the right of the Pokémart. It is only usable outside of combat after beating Wally though. The word automatically made me question my game and if something went wrong.Just wanted to clarify to other people freaking out :D

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