If friend cannot gain out that the water quickly, act come protect against rapid warm loss. In as few as 10 minutes, you might be can not to self-rescue.

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Stay together motionless together possible, protecting the high warmth loss areas of your body, and also keep her head and neck out of the water.Safety typically looks closer 보다 it in reality is, so continuing to be with the watercraft is generally a better choice than swimming.Adopt a place to reduce warmth loss. If alone, use the heat Escape Lessening posture (HELP) position; if there are others in the water with you, huddle together. Be ready at all times to signal rescuers.

Advanced stages of Hypothermia

When a victim has these symptoms, dried clothing, heat, and also medical fist are forced immediately:

Bluish-white appearanceWeak heartbeatShallow breathingRigid body musclesMay it is in unconscious

The help and Huddle Positions

Heat escape Lessening posture (HELP): when you space alone, this place protects the body three major areas of heat loss (groin, head/neck, and also rib cage/armpits). Put on a PFD allows you to draw your knees to her chest and your arms to your sides.


Huddling with Others: Huddling with other people in the water lessens the ns of human body heat and is an excellent for morale. Also, rescuers can spot a group an ext easily 보다 individuals.



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