Where Is The Turtle In Animal Jam, Journey Book (The Lost Temple Of Zios)

Animal Jam is one of the most popular virtual world games for kids out today. In Animal Jam, you use an animal avatar to run around the fictional world known as Jamaa. You are able to play games, chat with friends, learn about animals, and earn in-game currency. There are homes you can buy for your animals as well as accessories and clothing items. Science experiments and learning about the wild and habitats are all part of this game.

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You can choose play Animal Jam on either a free membership or the VIP membership. With the VIP membership, you will earn premium in-game currency and have members-only exclusive items and parties. Regardless of which membership you get, there are a variety of pets you can play and use in this game. Some of these animals are for members-only, while others are also available to the non-members out there. We thought we would start running through the list of pets that you can get on Animal Jam, including the pet turtle. Here is a guide about everything relating to the pet turtle.

All About the Pet Turtle in Animal Jam

The pet turtle requires that you be a member in order to get this animal. You can use the pet turtle both in the water and on land. When it comes to pets on Animal Jam, this one has been around since August 2012. You can not get this pet in stores and it will cost you 400 gems to purchase. Non-members cannot get the pet turtle, and the animal counterpart is the Sea Turtle.


You will be able to get rare accessories for the pet turtle if you head to the Play-As-Your-Pet Party or the Pets Only Party. As far as the overall appearance of the turtle, it has a small shell and a round head. The eyes are large, and you can customize the turtle in many ways. You can change the fins, legs, eyes, an shell colors, which is pretty cool. That means you can make the pet turtle unique to you and make it any which way you want.

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Animal Jam Pet Turtle Trivia

There are many pieces of trivia about the pet turtle on Animal Jam, including the fact that the turtle is only one of a few that can go in both water and land. Only the penguins, hippos, and polar bears have this ability to go in both water and stay on land. You can customize the turtles, but no matter how you customize it, you can use it either underwater or on the land. The turtle was the first out of the short list to have the ability to go both in the water and also on the land.

The turtle did not have the adoption icon removed until late 2017, although it was removed earlier in 2017 from the Choose a Pet menu. The turtle used to sleep with the player when the player was idle. The ability for the turtle to automatically sleep when the player is idle was removed though. You cannot use the land accessories for the turtle in the water. The same goes for water accessories, as they cannot be used on land. There is a turtle ninja mask available in the Pet Shop, which likely is homage to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A katana is also available in the Pet Shop, so you can pick up both of these items right now.


Other interesting facts about the turtle includes the fact that you can choose the legs when you are choosing your turtle. Only tortoises actually have legs, but in the game the turtle does too. The turtle will also slide around by tucking into the shell, which might be similar to how Koopa Troopa did in Super Mario Bros. These are just a few of the cool trivia pieces that we can tell you right now about the pet turtle.

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We Want to Hear From You

The pet turtle is one of the coolest pets you can get in Animal Jam, and also one of the oldest. There are a ton of cool things you can do with the pet turtle in Animal Jam, so check it out and see if the pet turtle is right for you. If you are a member then you can get this pet, and if you are not, you will have to buy the membership in order to enjoy the pet turtle.

We want to hear from you on this though, because you are what makes Animal Jam so fun. Tell us in the comments what pet you like the most. Do you like the pet turtle or is there another pet you think is better? Is the ability for the pet to go on land and in the water something you look for when choosing your pet? Have you received your Animal Jam membership yet and if you have, what do you like the most about the paid membership?

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