Where Is The Root Of My Sd Card In Big Sur, What/Where Is The Root Of The Micro Sd

Phones today are the largest source of information that exists, so they have become the most useful tools for any human being. So it is good to get more and more information about these assistants. With that in mind today you will learn how to copy or move a file or folder to the root of an SD card.

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The latter may sound silly, but in reality one of the biggest problems today is the fact that many devices are running out of enough memory to house the new applications and programs that are coming out (since they increasingly occupy more space), so it is necessary to find a solution and what better than an SD (you can even transfer or transfer a music CD to an SD card, so these little devices are great).

Copy or move a file or folder to the root of an SD card

To get to the point, there are many ways to reclaim wasted space on your phone and expand it, moving from files to applications to an SD card.

Number one is the easiest since it is done through a computer. For example, in Windows 10 and earlier versions, a function is integrated that allows you to use the connected device as you want, being able to even edit its internal files.

To achieve this you must first turn on the PC and log in with your trusted user account (this in case you want to leave some of your files also on the PC).

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From there you will be able to press all the apps, when you do, you will see that you will get the option to transfer them to external storage (not all of them have this option but most do).

If your phone is not high-end, or simply does not give you this kind of option, then you should use a third-party App that performs this task of copying and transferring files automatically, the best are:

Hellium: Which allows making a backup copy of all the applications and information contained in the card, and then transfer it to the computer, Google Drive, among others. Allowing to make a restoration later if necessary.

JS backup: This copies all the files including contacts, calendar events and music list, from the micro SD to the computer, allowing you to save all your files and also shows them back if necessary.

Remember that you can supplement this information by looking for how to move photos and videos from the internal memory to the SD card?, and how to move files from internal memory or phone to SD card? in case you don’t know and are hungry for information.

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And ready with that last thing, you already know everything you need to copy or move a file or folder to the root of an SD card, now you just have to go and put what you learned into practice.

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