When God Shuts A Door He Opens A Window, But, When God Closes A Door, Does He Open A Window


If everyone who has ever watched a movie has a go-to quote in their pocket, then the title quote is mine. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark movie, with promotions everywhere reminding me of the fact that since my mom bought the DVD for me as a middle-school student, no other movie has touched me as much since. Thus, you can ask any of my friends, I declare The Sound of Music as my favorite movie of all time. Yes, it can be quite sugary to take in, and everyone’s life seems kind of perfect (I mean, that was quite a clean escape from the Nazis). However, it’s a film that’s meant so much to me over the years.

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First, I am a musical lover through and through. The style of Rodgers and Hammerstein steals my heart, with my penchant for a grand-sweeping score. Anyone who doesn’t have Do-Re-Mi stuck in their head after watching this would be held as a liar. Second, who doesn’t love Julie Andrews? A nanny who SINGS and gets your dad to magically start talking to you! What could be better? Thirdly, it’s just a great movie.

However, greatest of all is that Andrews’ portrayal of Maria taught me that life would always need a bit of optimism. Maria, a young woman lost in life and in her purpose (sorry, the nunhood wasn’t calling!), plucks herself to go out of her comfort zone, albeit with the help of Mother Superior. Though Maria got her happy ending, she looked to God to find her way. In truth, the core of Maria has been the type of person I’ve always aimed to be in my life.

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Just as Maria, I try to do the right thing, but I make millions of mistakes. At one point, Maria feels so lost about her life, that she runs away and hides in the abbey. Such as Maria, sometimes I run away and stumble, many times not knowing what direction my life will go. Thankfully, just as Maria, I find comfort in both a bit of prayer and some welcome spiritual direction (though none as great as “Climb Every Mountain” by Mother Superior).

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In the dark moments of my life, when it seems that everything is going against me, I can always tell myself “when God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” Though I may feel lost, though I may stumble, and though I may linger in despair, I can count on these words to get me through. For though that window is high up, and maybe I have to open it a bit more to get out, the fact that it exists is blessing enough. The Sound of Music inspires me to never lose hope, and to keep faith, making it my favorite movie of all time.

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