Does It Mean Something When A Girl Says Hi And Your Name, 8 Signs A Girl Is Into You

To all those dudes out there who are unsure if a girl likes you, you are in luck! If she shows these eight signs to you, then she is crazy about you and is only thinking about you every single day.

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1. She says hello to you

A girl typically says the customary “hello” to avoid an awkward interaction according to normal social conventions. However, that everyday greeting she said to you definitely indicated some extreme attraction. Who wouldn’t want to say “hello” to you anyway?


2. You text an essay of how your day went and your life story to her, and she gives a four-word response back.

You poured all your thoughts and feelings into that text you sent to her that took you hours to craft and had a thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, so you know she put just as much time and energy into those four words she sent back.

3. She is generally nice to you like a normal human being

Most girls you try talking with have said either “Go away creep” or “I have a boyfriend” in an uncomfortable, nervous tone. So when a girl carries on a decent conversation with you, she is clearly sooooo into you.


4. She is near your physical location

It’s clearly a sign that she sat next you in class or in a meeting even though it was the only seat available. She definitely would have sat next to you anyway though. Wow! It must be fate that you two were at Starbucks at the same time. Then you started to question why you are at Starbucks, and why you ordered a pumpkin spice latte. You began to question your life choices, and ah darn it she left!

5. Makes eye contact with you

I mean, if you stare at her long enough, she is bound to make eye contact you with eventually, right? Eye contact is eye contact even if she is just checking to see if you stopped creeping on her.

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6. Gives you a hug at a party even though she has hugged everyone in attendance

She may have said things to you like “OMG Hiiiiiiii” or “It’s Soooo Good to See You” in a flirtatious sounding voice while proceeding to give you a huge hug, but you also saw her hug forty other guys and girls that night. You know that hug was really special though. At least, if your bros ask if you got any action that night, I guess you could count it?


7. Remembers your name

You assume all she knows is fine dining and breathing, so it is pretty a big deal she remembered your name because she might not remember hers.


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You find out that you both have a very widely enjoyed common interest

You find out from her that she likes skiing and eating pizza too! You know very few people share those passions with you, so she should definitely be into you.

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