What Starts With T Ends With T Arting With T And Ending In T

We have put together a list of 50 common and not-so-common words that both begin with T and end with T.

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Here, we’ll give a brief description of what they are and use it in a sentence, so they make sense.

50 Words That Begin And End With T

1. Target


This is a point of reference at which to aim something.

Typically, with the trajectory for another moving object like a dart or anything, the target is the destination for an attack.

“That country is the target for an attack.”

“Do you play darts? I have a target hanging on my basement wall.”

The target can also be a person or group: “That family is the target of some mean-spirited gossip.”

2. Tent


An object of shelter that is portable and used for camping and other recreational purposes is called a tent.

They can be used as strictly sleeping accommodation or as protection from the weather.

They are also available in larger sizes for those who are performing outdoors.

“Can you bring an extra tent for my friend for the camping trip?”

“The tent blew away in the storm.”

3. Trust


Trust is an immovable belief in the reliability or truth of someone or something.

“She married him, so she must trust him.”

This word can also represent a type of financial account that is kept by a person or a financial entity for someone else.

“There is money in the trust her parents set up for her.”

4. Tweet


Tweet or Tweeting is the sound that a bird makes when it sings or speaks to other birds.

It’s their language.

In modern-day pop culture, a Tweet is a way of communicating on a social media platform called Twitter.

“The birds will tweet once they are up at dawn.”

“Mary sent a very controversial Tweet online today, and it got retweeted a lot.”

5. Trout


A trout is a type of fish that resides in freshwater and is a popular game fish for eating all over the globe.

It’s found in America and Eurasia and is part of the Salmon family.

“Anna caught a trout on her first fishing trip.”

“Trout is best served with fresh, steamed vegetables.”

6. Talent


Talent is when a person is born with an aptitude for something.

They don’t learn the skill because they already possess it.

They must develop it in order to use it in some cases, but the skill always comes naturally to them.

“Dan is a talented musician.”

“Tito has a natural talent for singing.”

7. Toilet


This is a facility for people to dispose of bodily waste.

The toilet at home is in the bathroom, and in public spaces, it’s a restroom.

“I had to wait in a long line for the toilet at the restaurant.”

“The toilet has been stopped up three times this month.”

8. Test


A test can be defined as a tool which is used to determine the knowledge prior to allowing that knowledge to be used.

Another definition is a procedure by which an object or invention must pass requirements for public use.

“They taste tested that cupcake brand before they put it on the market.”

9. Tart


Tart is a taste that is somewhat like lemons.

However, the word tart is also used two other ways.

In old English, still used today, it can be used to describe a less than savory woman, meaning prostitute.

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Back then, it was considered a negative profession, the oldest in the world.

Now, it just is what it is, but the word can be used to describe someone who is a bit loose in morals.

The third definition is to describe an open pastry crust with a fruit filling.

“The strawberry tart was delicious.”

“Wow, that girl looks like a tart in that dress!”

“This pastry tastes a bit tart.”

10. Ticket


A piece of paper or small card that is used to allow a person to gain entry into an event of some kind or to personally participate in some sort of activity is called a ticket.

Today, there are even virtual tickets that you purchase to attend an online event.

A ticket can be something with a number or letter code that enters the bearer into a contest where prizes are won when their code is chosen.

11. Treat


To treat someone means to give something to them for a special occasion, to behave towards a person a certain way, or to provide medical attention.

“I hope he treats her well.”

“I treat myself to chocolate each week.”

“The doctor treated my husband for his broken foot.”

12. Twist


To twist something is to form into a spiral shape.

To move something in a twist, you would move it around something that stays still.

Twist can also mean to change something suddenly within a particular context.

“Make that metal into a twisted shape.”

“Twist that tie around the plastic bread container please.”

“The plot took a sudden twist!”

13. Thought


A thought is something that you use your mind for.

It is the way we form a concept or visualize it in our minds.

“She thought of the best possible path to take.”

14. Tonight


Tonight is a time of day after the sun goes down, always referring to the current day rather than the past or future.

“I’ll be at Janet’s house for dinner tonight.”

15. Tyrant


One who rules with an iron fist and who oppresses the masses would be considered a tyrant.

Tyrant was used more often in history.

It’s not used as much now.

The replacement word could be dictator.

Tyrant and despot were frequently used interchangeably.

16. Text


Text is lettering.

You may create text to speak a language and form ideas in any form.

As a verb, text is the act of writing letters or communicating through written words on a phone or computer.

“I couldn’t read the books at school because the text in them was so boring.”

“I wonder if Mary will text me back.”

17. Tight


Tight is something that is fastened in such a way that it is held rigid or difficult to open back up.

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“I hope the lid on the jam jar was tight before you placed it in the fridge.”

“That dress seems a bit tight. Are you sure you’ll be comfortable?”

18. Trumpet


A trumpet is a brass instrument that creates music by using air that the user forces into its body while buttons are pushed to block the passageway into and out of the instrument.

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