What Is Your Reaction To The Animals Revolution ? Animal Farm Study Guide Responding Chapters 1

1)What is your reaction to the animals revolution? Explain.

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My reaction was good as I felt that the humans were treating bad the animals and not as they deserve, because of that I think the revolution was a good idea as it was the time to stop the suffer.2) Do you sympathize with the animals complaints and goals? Why? Why not?Yes I do, as their complaints and goals seemed to be fair enough compared with what the humans did with them.3) Describe how the rebellion takes place? How does the animals behaviuor during the rebellion suggest human characteristics?The rebellion takes place when the animals got together and started a fight against the humans to finally get rid of them to start their own farm. The behaviour of the animals during the rebellion suggest human characteristics as they start doing human actions such us “Reading, Writing, Drinking, Sleeping in beds, trading animals products for their own benefits, etc.4) How do the pigs gain the rights to the cows milk? Why do the other animals allow this? What does this event suggest about power hierarchy on the farm?The pigs gain the rights to the cow”s milk by telling the other animals that it was for the “benefit of the farm”. The other animals allowed it because they thought that the pigs were the most capable of leading the farm and also because they tought they were doing it for good purposes. This event suggest about power hierarchy on the farm that it belongs to the pings and not to all the animals.5) What was your reaction to Snowball´s expulsion from Animal farm? Explain.

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I felt bad as Snowball was a good leader but because of Napoleon he died. Also i felt bad because Napoleon was evil and this had its consequences.6) Identify three ways that Napoleon tries to solidify his leadership position on the farm. How does the process of decision making on the farm change under Napoleon´s leadership?Napoleon tried to solidify his leadership by: – Getting rid of his opponent in the leadership, Snowball.-By controlling everything that happened in the farm with his guards. And by showing that he wast the best and those who were against him, were traitors and must die. The process of decision making changed under Napoleon”s leadership because Napoleon turned it into a Tyranny, all the decisions were taken by him and some pigs, they dind”t followed the rules and the opinion of the other animals were worthless.7)Why do the executions take place? What message do these events send to animals about their role in a future society?The executions take place to keep the farm controlled as it made the animals feel fear so that will make them behave. This events sent the animals a message of tyranny by the pigs so their role in a future society will be to do everything the pigs want them to do.8) Do you think it´s fair that those who are more educated or more skilled – like the pigs in animal farm- have more influence in the decision making? Who makes the decisions in your family, community and nation?I think it”s fair because if they are more educated or more skilled that means they are more prepared to make decisions than whose that are not educated or skilled. In my family usually my parents makes the decisions but most of the times they ask me and my brother for our opinion on which decision to take. In the case of my community, the decisions are made by the Headmaster and in my nation the President takes the decisions.9) By the end of the film it can be suggested that the pigs and human political leaders are interchangeable. How might power change those who have it?Power doesn”t change those who have it, it just show us who really they are, as Lincoln said “Give a man power and you will reveal his true character”.10)In your opinion are the pigs in Animal Farm more intelligent than all the other animals? What qualities enabled them to lead the others? Provide examples that support your answer.

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In my opinion, pigs were more intelligent than the other animals because of that they became the leaders. Also because of their ability to control others, “leadership”, and their knowledge on the farm issues enabled them to lead others. An example of this is can be seen when they started by making a list of rules/laws and also when they start giving ideas to improve the farm by the build of a windmill ,etc.
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