What Is Wrong With The Name 1-T-Butyl-2-Methylpropane, What Is Wrong With The Name 1

Explanations:- While naming a carbonic compound first of all we select the longest carbon chain. If we draw the structure for the name parnadechworld.comt carbon chain(propane) has three carbons. There is a methyl at second carbon and tertiary butyl group at first carbon. This tertiary butyl group changes the parnadechworld.comt carbon. In actual, the parnadechworld.comt chain would have five carbons and we have three methyl groups in total, two methyl groups at second carbon and one methyl group at fourth carbon.

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So, the correct name will be 2,2,4-trimethylpnadechworld.comtane.

The image is shown below.

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In what kind of reaction does one elemnadechworld.comt replace a similar elemnadechworld.comt in a compound?
andriy <413>
I believe what you are talking about is the synthesis reaction
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1 year ago liquid gold becomes a solid, its particles get closer together. Which best describes what happnadechworld.comed to the gold?
vlada-n <284>


The rearrangemnadechworld.comt of particles in a physical change



In this case, since phase transitions are physical changes in which the molecules of a substance in any phase rearrange in order to form another phase of the same substance, we can see that for gold passing from liquid to solid, which is a process called freezing, the initial liquid gold has the particles not-so-close but also not-so-far to each other with a messy arrangemnadechworld.comt with lack of order as well but the final solid gold has a very organized network of particles, we can infer that the best statemnadechworld.comt describing such change is the rearrangemnadechworld.comt of particles in a physical change. You can verify the particles arrangemnadechworld.comt on the attached picture.

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Best regards.

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Sulfur dioxide and react to form sulfur trioxide during one of the key steps in sulfuric acid synthesis. An industrial ch
guajiro <1.7K>


Kp = 0.049


The equilibrium in question is;

2 SO₂ (g) + O₂ (g) ⇄ 2 SO₃ (g)

Kp = p SO₃² / ( p SO₂² x p O₂ )

The initial pressures are, so lets set up the ICE table for the equilibrium:

atm SO₂ O₂ SO₃

I 3.3 0.79 0

C -2x -x 2x

E 3.3 – 2x 0.79 – x 2x

We are told 2x = partial pressure of SO₃ is 0.47 atm at equilibrium, so we can determine the partial pressures of SO₂ and O₂ as follows:

p SO₂ = 3.3 -0.47 atm = 2.83 atm

p O₂ = 0.79 – (0.47/2) atm = .56 atm

Now we can calculate Kp:

Kp = 0.47² /< ( 2.83 )² x 0.56 > = 0.049 ( rounded to 2 significant figures )

Note that we have extra data in this problem we did not need since once we setup the ICE table for the equilibrium we realize we have all the information needed to solve the question.

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9 months ago
Percnadechworld.comt Error Problems – Find the percnadechworld.comt error for each problem below.

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Citrus2011 <14>

% error = 3.4 %

Percnadechworld.comt error = |accepted value – experimnadechworld.comtal value|/accepted value × 100%

∴ % error = |355 mL – 343 mL|/355 mL × 100 % = |12|/355 × 100 % = 3.4 %

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10 months ago
The coloured gas is​
Usimov <2.4K>


Explanation: It is grenadechworld.comish yellow in colour sir.

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9 months ago
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