What Is The Difference Between Swiffer Wetjet And Swiffer Wetjet Wood Vs Regular

The Swiffer WetJet is an all-in-one, ready-to-use system that quickly and easily cleans even the dirtiest floors. It only utilizes WetJet brand solvent in a special, nonopenable bottle.

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A Brief HistoryFirst introduced in 2001 in Canada and Belgium, Swiffer came to the United States in


2002. Its original name was the Swiffer WetJet Power Mop. It was originally blue-green in color until its redesign in 2006 when it changed to a purple color. It was modified again in 2009 with double sprayers added.

A 3 Component System:The WetJet cleaning system is made up of three components:

SweeperTriple-layer Cleaning PadsCleaning solution

The user merely runs the sweeper across the floor. Once the pre-diluted cleaning solution cuts through the dirt, the disposable pad will soak it up and trap it. Your floor will not only be clean in moments, but also dry. The sweeper is lightweight and easy to use, with a powered sprayer and flexible swivel head. The WetJet cleaning solution are available for both linoleum and wood floors and each cartridge includes enough solution to clean at least eight large rooms.

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Safe for wood, ceramic, vinyl and laminate floorsLeaves no residueDo not add sprays or liquidsSafe for electronics and other hard surfacesGreat for picking up pet hairGets into hard-to-reach places

Compare the Difference between Swiffer WetJet ModelsKnow What To Look For When Shopping Online

Swiffer WetJet Mop ~ Wood Floor Starter Kit

Avg Price: $24.00Rating: 1.7


Color: Brown & Purple BoxModel #: 92810 & 92812# of Batteries Required: 4 AA (Rechargeable Batteries Not Recommended)Batteries Included: NONEMajor Distributors: Home Depot~ USA Model: 92812. Knock off distributors: Model: 92810 (Made in China or Canada)“What’s In The Box”1 wood floor power mop5 pad refillsOne 500 ml bottle of multi purpose cleaning solution

Note: This Product has not been given a strong rating so I will dispense with further analysis. ***All Swiffer Wood Floor Cleaning products come packaged with a brown color added to the purple box…representing a wood floor feature, so Buyer Beware!

Swiffer WetJet Mop ~ Starter Kit

Avg Price: $30.00Rating: 4.1


Color: Solid Purple PackagingModel #: 92810 & 92811# of Batteries Required: 4 AA (Rechargeable Batteries Not Recommended)Batteries Included: NONEMajor Distributors: Home Depot, Staples, Others ~ Model: 92810 ~ (Knock off distributors: Model: 92811 Made in China or Canada)“What’s In The Box”1 power mop with screening strip 2 cleaning pads1 bottle multipurpose cleaning solution

Note: This Model comes in a Package

Swiffer WetJet ~ Starter Kit

Avg Price: $21.00 – $28.00Rating: 4.8


Color: Solid Purple BoxModel #: 32694# of Batteries Required: 4 AA (Rechargeable Batteries Not Recommended)Batteries Included: NONEMajor Distributors: Home Depot, Staples, Others. Model: 32694“What’s In The Box”1 Power Mop With Scrubby Strip2 absorbent pads16.9oz Multi Purpose Cleaning SolutionNew & improved dual nozzle sprayer

Note: This model comes in a Box: Non assembled.

Reusable Cloths:Because of the requirement to dispose of the cloth after each clean, using the device frequently can be quite costly. Because of this multiple third-party companies have created cloth reusable pads typically made out of a microfiber fabric that can be machine washed after each use.

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Personal Recommendations:Swiffer (Proctor & Gambel) uses the “razor-and-blades” business campaign, meaning in this instance, that the consumer must first purchase the handle assembly at a discounted price, but then must continue to purchase replacement refills and pads over the lifespan of the product in order for the product to be most effective or productive. Therefore…due to continued excessive costs of this product, I would recommend a product that uses “washable pads”. Shark ..has a model quite similar to this product. Additonally, Shark Steam Mops are made in the US and costs far less to use.

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