What Is The Advantage Of Using A Subject Directory Like The Internet Public Library?

Some advantages are being able to use the internet for things like research, and learning how to use search engines and subject directories.

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A subject directory has links compiled by professional librarians, experts in their subjects and teachers, where information is categorized by into specific subjects.

The advantage of using a subject directory like the Internet Public Library(IPL) is that the information that a teacher or student can search is going to be useful for various reasons. It was compiled by professionals and experts that allocate the information in categories. It is easy to use. It contains extensive directories of reference materials such as books, magazines, or newspapers. The information is well organized and is easy to navigate. The IPL was created by the members of the School of Information and Library Studies at the University of Michigan.

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One reallygreat advantage of using a subject directory like the Internet Public Libraryis that instead of just getting a plain alphabetized listing, for instance, thelisting you are provided using a subject directory will be active links you canclick on to take you to more detailed information, and these links will all beorganized already for you by topic. And,each time you click on a topic, the list of subjects you are then taken to willbe narrowed down for you. You’ll be ableto get more and more specific each time you make a selection based upon whatlink you click/based upon what topic it is you’re specifically looking.

Subject directorys are arranged by categories so it usually returns links to the top level of the website rather than a particular page. This makes it the best to search for a particular piece of information subject


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