LIBR 101: Library & Information strategies UNIT 13: utilizing THE web FOR COLLEGE research The internet is a network the computers associated from everywhere the world. The World broad Web is the portion of the net that allows you to retrieve documents, see images, animation and video, hear to sound files, and also view programs downloaded from other computers. Part students think that the Web has actually replaced “older” accessibility tools such together periodical databases. This is not the reality. The web is a fantastic tool for numerous college research topics. That can administer extremely present information ~ above a selection of subjects. However, the sheer size of the Web, currently estimated to contain 8 exchange rate documents, makes searching overwhelming. In addition, unlike virtual catalogs and periodical databases, the net is no indexed in any type of standard way. This means that finding quality information have the right to be complicated and frustrating. In this unit, friend will find out some techniques and resources for locating appropriate Web resources for her research. Throughout the workbook we have actually been using keywords and also search tactics to locate the information for ours research. When searching the Web, the is even much more important that you have actually a research setup before you begin searching. There is no a clean strategy, searching on the Web have the right to be prefer trying to discover a needle in a haystack. Successful searching entails two steps. 1. You must have a clear knowledge of her information require so you have the right to prepare an reliable search. To do so, friend must identify the main ideas of her topic and include any synonyms, alternate spellings, or different word forms for your ideas (keywords). 2. Friend must choose the ideal search tool. It’s important to be an efficient user that the various web search tools. Search engines differ from one another and also so perform subject directories. Come to be familiar with the advanced search functions of much more than one search engine or topic directory. Topic Directories A subject catalog is usually arranged by humans who emphasize top quality over quantity. In a topic directory, information is group by topics. The brochure starts v a few main categories and then branches out into subcategories, topics, and also subtopics. Friend navigate or drill down the catalog by clicking on subject headings and subheadings. The Librarians’ table of contents to the Internet, web Public Library and also the Yahoo web directory are all examples of topic directories figure 1: Yahoo Web brochure Subject directories can likewise be an extremely helpful if you have actually a broad topic and also wish to small it down. There space a number of advantages come using a subject directory.

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