Yes, and he concerns communities, too, bringing presents to and also Latin American girls and boys.

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But, what perform you speak to Santa Claus in What about his reindeer? Santa is a beloved number in the people, and also through a couple of differences, he plays the same duty as in the United States.

Do you want to recognize even more about Santa Claus in

Keep analysis and also discover who delivers Christmas presents to Latin American children, what we speak to Santa Claus in, and just how human being celebrate through Christmas legacies.

Finally, we’ll learn some fun Santa-Claus-associated vocabulary and discover out about the things that Santa does in

Who Delivers Christmas Presents for Children?

Kids in Latin America and also Spain obtain Christmas presents annually, but the figure that delivers them might adjust from one country to one more. According to a repertoire of polls, Christmas presents are delivered in Latin America by

Santa Claus (through his various names) El Niño Jesús (Baby Jesus) Los Reyes Magos (Wise Men) La familia (family)

Besides these personalities, tbelow have been other attempts to develop more neighborhood or spiritual “Santas” with little success. Amongst these failed tries, you have the right to count the following:


Santa Claus in Names

When Santa Claus does deliver presents in Latin America, he goes by a couple of various names:

Papá Noel

Papá Noel, or “Father Christmas,” is the desired term in nations such as Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Spain. The name is a derivation from the French Père Noël, that has a story and also beginning similar to that of Santa Claus.

San Nicolás

In Latin American nations such as Honduras and also Venezuela, youngsters still contact Santa by his original name: San Nicolás (Saint Nicholas). He was a Christian bishop, born in what is today Turkey in the third century ADVERTISEMENT, who worked for the bad and the youngsters and was linked via gift-offering.

Fun fact: try saying “Saint Nicholas” super quick and you’ll acquire a sound very comparable to “Santa Claus.”

Viejito Pascuero

In Chile, they call Santa Viejito Pascuero which implies “Old Man Christmas.” The story, photo, and also legacy are precisely the very same as that of Santa Claus, they simply choose calling him another name. This one is my individual favorite.


Not to be perplexed with the weird baby jumping festival by the same name, Colacho is sindicate an affectionate means to refer to Santa in Costa Rica. San Nicolás, Nicolacho, Colacho. His image is the exact same as Santa, yet in this nation, he doesn’t supply Christmas presents. That task is booked for Baby Jesus.

Santa Claus

In many Latin American countries, Santa Claus is a well-establimelted number and they call him by the English term. In Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and also El Salvador, Santa Claus in is sometimes referred to as Santa Clós or Santa Cló to refer to the specific same character as in the USA.

Santa Claus in Image and also Influence

The pressures of globalization have made Santa Claus an international and also irresistible number. Poor Baby Jesus (not to point out Quetzalcóatl or el Niño Manuelito) is fighting an uphill battle against the ever-current story and also marketing of the jolly old guy in red.

Many families in Latin America are Catholic, and also parents try to keep their legacies alive for their youngsters. But the kids also have Netflix, and also there are no movies where Baby Jesus saves Christmas for everybody.

The appeal of Santa Claus in is that he has actually a feasible backstory that provides parental fees with answers for each of their children’s questions. Where does Santa live? How does he make all the toys? What are the names of his reindeer? Meanwhile, el Niño Jesús doesn’t have all that sorted out.

Christmas Traditions in Latin America

Whether the good gift-giver is dubbed Papá Noel, San Nicolás, or Santa Claus in, Latin American youngsters get their presents in one method or an additional. What’s more, la Navidad in these countries is wealthy in legacies and also meaningful celebrations:

Santa Claus in Vocabulary

Santa Claus in, favor his English counterpart, resides at the North Pole wright here his elves assist him make all those toys. Let’s discover how Latin American children talk around his wonderful world:

El Polo Norte – North Pole

El duende, elfo – elf

El juguete – toy

La fábrica – factory

El gorro – hat

Los guantes – gloves

El cinturón – belt

El abrigo – coat

Las botas – boots

La barba – beard

El trineo – Sleigh

El saco de juguetes – sack of toys

La chimenea – chimney

Las galletas – cookies

La leche – milk

Los renos – reindeer

La nariz roja – red nose

Rodolfo – Rudolph

Besides Rudolph, the names of Santa’s reindeer are the same as in English, but here you have actually their meaning in

Brioso – Dasher

Bailarín – Dancer

Juguetón – Vixen

Acróbata – Prancer

Cupido – Cupid

Cometa – Comet

Relámpago – Blitzen

Donner represents the heart of thunder and has no translation.

Things that Santa Does in

Now let’s watch some of the things that Santa Claus does in, paying distinct attention to just how the verbs occupational in the adhering to sentences.

Los duendes hacen regalos para los niños. – The elves make toys for the kids.

Santa Claus vuela por todo el mundo en su trineo. – Santa Claus flies approximately the civilization on his sleigh.

Rodolfo tiene una nariz roja. – Rudolph has a red nose.

Santa baja por la chimenea. – Santa comes down the chimney.

¡Santa se comió las galletas que le dejamos! – Santa ate the cookies we left for him!

¿Qué te trajo Santa Claus? – What did Santa Claus carry you?

Le voy a escribir una carta a Santa Claus. – I’m going to create a letter for Santa Claus.

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¡Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas! Santa Claus in is a fascinating figure simply like in eincredibly various other language. Furthermore, he represents the spirit of Christmas and brings the ideal out in people. I hope that you uncovered finding out Santa’s story and also interpretation in as interesting as I did.

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