What Evidence Is There That Electrons Move Around In Definite Pathways Around The Nucleus

The electrons moving around the nucleus do not move in the define pathways. They rather exhibit their cloud nature.

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Further Explanation:

The Danish physicist, Niels Bohr gave the model of an atom whose most important postulate is that only those electrons can move around in circular orbits whose angular momentum is given by the integral multiple of



It can be represented mathematically as:


This equation was also verified by French physicist Louis de Broglie as his hypothesis stated the dual nature of matter and radiation which is also now been proved experimentally by the quantum physicists.

So, an electron is both a particle and a wave and by wave nature of electron, it travels approximately in circular paths called as energy levels like a wave as shown in the figures given below:

In this theory, electron moves approximately circularly and thus, the circumference of the circle is equated with the integral multiple of the wavelength of matter wave associated with the electron.

It can be represented as:




is the wavelength of the moving particle and


is the radius of the circular path.

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Also according to de-Broglie equation,




is the mass of the electron and


is the velocity of the electron.

Substituting this in above equation,

We have,


It can also we expressed as:


Therefore, the above expressions shows that an electron moves in the form of an electronic cloud but it also exhibits the wave nature as it travels in circular paths.

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The electrons don”t move around the nucleus in well-outlined pathways. that”s if you”re considering truth image of the atom and also the nuclear physicist model of an atom the one accepted currently.

if you”re involved with simply the Niels Henrik David Bohr model, then the argument is that a stationary lepton can then stick with the nucleus and also the atom would collapse. furthermore, this orbit theory was placed because it matched with the phenomena of earth and planets revolving around the sun. Constant thins at the microscopic and at the galaxy level appeared elegant to everyone

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