More likely than not, if you are a pan of boys’ love manga, anime, and fanfiction, you’ve heard of the ax “fujoshi”. Because that those who have not heard that fujoshi, fujoshi is a Japanese term that directly translates right into “rotten girl” in English. This word defines women who derive satisfied from creating and reading around love in between men. Because its an initial appearance in Japanese digital forums in the beforehand 2000s, fujoshi as a concept has spread out globally and also helped foster friendships and communities amongst fans that boys’ love media. Countless women additionally use the word fujoshi as a form of self-identification.

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However, if fujoshi has become the poster child for mrs otaku in the media v shows like Genshiken Nidaime, Barakamon, and also Kiss Him not Me prominently featuring fujoshi characters, no all female otaku identify as fujoshi. In fact, being called a fujoshi can be insulting because that some, particularly those who perform not engage in boy-on-boy fantasies.

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But never fear, in Japan exist a word to describe the non-fujoshi mrs otaku who may love a personality from one anime, manga or game yet doesn’t delivery them with another boy.

This indigenous is yumejoshi.

Breaking this ax down, yumejoshi directly translates come “dream girl” with yume meaning “dream” and joshi defined as “girl.” This hatchet can additionally appear as yumejo. In the post “They aren’t “Rotten”, also Shining! experimenting the Sparkling human being of FUJOSHI” formerly featured on featured on, writer and also anime otaku Maririn writes,“‘to girls who dream favourite character(s) in romantic situation.”<1> Both yumejoshi and also fujoshi are a type of woman otaku, and there deserve to be overlap between these species depending ~ above the person.<2> part fujoshi may have yumejoshi tendencies and also vice versa. Yet, specific yumejoshi may also entirely refuse being determined as a fujoshi, too.

The allude of watch is necessary when differentiating the difference in between fujoshi and also yumejoshi. Uneven fujoshi who occupy the position as the third party watching and also creating romantic relationships between two masculine characters, yumejoshi accounting a an initial person position and also imagine us in relationships with their favorite character. Because that the fujoshi, pleasure resides in possessing the rotten rigid over your beloved coupling (or in English fan terms “ship”). Yumejoshi, however, reap the imagined shared gaze in between themselves and their favorite character.<3>

At times, yumejoshi watch their favorite character together their boyfriend. Another point of contrast is what media fujoshi and also yumejoshi consume. If there space commonalities, fujoshi have tendency to review boys’ love media more while yumejoshi are viewed as consuming media called otome games, otome CDs, dream novels, and dream manga. (These space of course all generalities, and also media intake does not constantly follow so-called identifying terms prefer fujoshi and also yumejoshi.) While these mediums are commonly oriented because that a female demographic, according to Pixiv dictionary, no all media category such as josei, ladies, and also shoujo manga are made v the yumejoshi in mind.<4>



In fact, the background of yumejoshi is intertwined with the dream novels and dream manga. Dream novels space a form of novel released online that enabled readers come insert their very own name together the protagonist’s name. These novels were frequently romantic in nature and written for and also by women and included both original and fanfiction. The an initial dream novel showed up on a fansite for the manga Harlem win in 1997.<5> because the so late 1990s and into the early on 2000s, dream novels attracted attention with fans developing manga and illustrations too that allow the leader to end up being the protagonist. Approximately the early on 2000s, yumejoshi came to be a word used among fans.

There are largely two species of functions in what have the right to be referred to as the “dream” genre: initial character input kind and self-projection type. In the former, yumejoshi endure the occupational of fiction from the third person view or, in various other words, experiencing a different civilization vicarious through another character with an created personality. These dreamers share some features of fujoshi in this regard. For the latter, together revealed by the name, yumejoshi keep their own sense the self and also enjoy entering a human being of fiction as themselves.

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<6> at the core in between both, however, is pleasure and also enjoyment.



As games and also anime prefer Uta no Prince-sama, Ensemble Stars, Touken Ranbu, and A3! among others continue to pump out handsome men, the potential dreams for yumejoshi are ever before expanding and flourishing. If boys are to it is in ambitious, girls can keep dreaming!








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