Rx method Receive, and also Tx way Transmit. I require to recognize how have the right to i calculate attach utilization (Bandwidth utilization) from this metrics ?, perform i need to mean them or getting maximum ?



Usually, friend express utilization as the higher of Rx and Tx. If your connect bandwidth is asymmetrical, you would certainly calculate it for each direction.

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Since utilization is to express in percent of preferably bandwidth, you need to calculate the measured bandwidth used, which is

BW(meas) = Bits(rx or tx)/time period.

Then use is

Utilization = BW(meas) / BW(link) * 100


You cannot calculation bandwidth use from that data. That is showing you variety of packets got or sent because the critical time the counters were reset.

It does not show you:

The typical size of the packetsThe time interval because the counters to be resetThe bandwidth the the connect (although i presume you understand that)

You need to know how numerous bits were moved versus how plenty of bits can have been transferred during a time term to calculate bandwidth utilization.

Inbound and also outbound bandwidth utilization space usually calculated and reported separately.


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