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STATS - her sex and age in internet Slang, SMS, text massage & conversation by
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Trump election raises fears of increasing intolerance. Now FBI has actually the stats come prove it. Attacks on Muslims increase 67%.

Final stats indigenous a Seahawks victory. #SEAvsNE

"We saw this coming." brand-new FBI dislike crime stats mirrors 67% surging in attacks on Muslims. The trump card effect, experts say

I gained over 12,000 new subscribers on my YouTube channel yesterday. Many thanks
CNN. Your self-destruction this election has actually really raised my stats!

Sunday Night football stats at the half. #SEAvsNE

Raps rotate down the Heat, enhance to 4-1. #WeTheNorth Stats:

Lies continued through the last rally: Tom Brady, Ft.Bragg, Crime, taxation stats. The campaign was one EFFING trump LIE

Can now also see other players" stats in lobby. (via

UN stats on US/Saudi war in Yemen:7,070 killed36,818 injured2 million malnourished3 million displaced21 million need humanitarian aid

Khalid Hill"s stats this season:21 carries34 yards9 touchdowns#GoBlue

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These were the stats that sustained our come-from-behind victory tonight:

Paul Pogba has done a far better job this season 보다 you think. We have 7 stats come prove the -

I view no one celebrate a Trump success on my timeline yet stats to speak 50% of you Americans must be. What am ns missing?

Wait a minute, Steve Atwater, man Lynch, Darren Woodson amongst 26 room of call semifinalists & LeRoy servant isn"t? check the stats, people.

How go
realDonaldTrump success the #USelection2016?
SophyRidgeSky watch at us state results and also voter turnout stats

Stephen Curry collection an NBA 3-point record with 13 provides from downtown. Stats and Info look at into exactly how he do history.

The #Knicks stats heading come the 4Q:
carmeloanthony: 21p
drose: 16pNYK: 47% FG | 46% 3-PT

Australia"s critical eight wickets dropped for 32, their equal worst such collapse in test history. An ext stats highlights:


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Q: A: What does STATS was standing for? STATS stands for "Your sex and also age".
Q: A: how to abbreviate "Your sex and age"? "Your sex and also age" can be abbreviated together STATS.
Q: A: What is the definition of STATS abbreviation? The an interpretation of STATS abbreviation is "Your sex and age".
Q: A: What is STATS abbreviation? among the meanings of STATS is "Your sex and age".
Q: A: What walk STATS mean? STATS as abbreviation method "Your sex and age".
Q: A: What is shorthand of your sex and age? The most usual shorthand the "Your sex and age" is STATS.

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