Whether you’ve heard itin a song or from your grandpaleas or seen it referenced in a book, the opportunities are pretty great that you’ve heard that this “no remainder for the wicked.” The expression has actually been quoted, misreview, and also even paropassed away in many means over the years. You’ve likely been told that it’s a biblical principle. But is that correct? What does it actually intend that there is no rest for the wicked?

To answer that, we must take into consideration whether the expression actually appears in the Bible and also if so what it implies in context.

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What Does "No Rest for the Wicked" Average in the Bible?

Technically, “no remainder for the wicked” doesn’t appear in the Bible. It’s a corruption of a phrase inIsaiah 57:20-21, which reads:

“But the wicked are choose the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves actors up mire and also mud. ‘There is no peace,’ claims my God, ‘for the wicked.’”

This section of Isaiah 57 begins in verse 14 by talking around just how God will “revive the spirit of the lowly” (57:15) and heal those that turn to him, while the wicked will certainly not uncover that healing.

If you look across the totality chapter and at the ones instantly prior to and after it, you’ll check out that this is component ofa larger message in Isaiah which contrasts 2 means of living. Tright here are the civilization that pursue God and desire goodness (who God helps) and the human being that seek idols for strength (that eventually don’t gain help).

What Is the Context of Isaiah 57:21?

The Hebrew word offered for “peace” in this verse is shalom, which has actually very powerful connotations. Its initially interpretation ishealth and wellness, and in that context, it suggests healing or deliverance. People in modern Israel still usage “shalom” as a greeting or a good-bye, a way of saying “tranquility be with you.”

In Judges 6:24, after God speaks to Gideon to tell him how God will usage him, Gideon builds an altar which he names Jehovah-Shalom (“the Lord is Peace”).

This idea that shalom indicates God-provided tranquility fits with Isaiah 57’s description of those that follow God versus those who don’t. It highlights that the wicked will not uncover tranquility, because they are not pursuing it.

More particularly, Isaiah is speaking to a specific team of human being who have a distinct relationship through God: the Israelites. At this suggest in Isaiah, Israel has actually been invaded by Babylonians, that took the Israelites right into exile (check out Isaiah 39 for the backstory on this).

In the chapters leading up to Isaiah 57, the writer talks about exactly how despite the present case (Babylonians judgment, Israelites captured), God will certainly adjust points. Isaiah 46-57 talks about how Babylon will be defeated, Isaiah 48 onward talks about Israel being brought back. Due to the fact that at this point the Israelites are exiled in a country via miscellaneous other faiths and idols to follow, we can reasonably say that Isaiah is warning the Israelites not to provide up on their heritage. They might be tempted to follow the Babylonian gods and also way of life, yet if they carry out so, they will certainly not discover peace. Eventually, Isaiah promises, God will regain the nation all at once and those that seek him will find what they require.

Because of this, in context, Isaiah 57:21 is saying that God’s peace will certainly not be via civilization who worship various other gods and also live sincompletely. God’s peace will be with human being who pursue him. While Isaiah is specifically talking to the Israelites and it is important that we remember that, the allude uses to humankind in general.

What Does the Scriptures Say about Wicked People?

Typically speaking, tbelow are 2 ways the Scriptures talks around wickedness: the wickedness done by human being overall, and the wickedness done by his preferred civilization.

After Israel provides a covenant through God on Mount Sinai (Exodus 19-31), they become his preferred world. Due to the fact that the covenant sets up God as Israel’s protector as long as they follow him, anytime that the Israelites begin to follow various other gods there are serious consequences. Isaiah especially highlights this allude bereason, like many type of of the Old Testimony books of prophecy, it goes between descriptions of how the nation in its entirety suffers once the Israelites disobey God and also just how God will certainly bmuch less the nation as a whole as they go back to him.

On a more fundamental level, the Bible talks a great deal around the results of sin. From the minute that Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3), human beings have actually been sinners (Romans 3:23). We all do wicked things; none of our good actions can make up for the sins that we commit (Isaiah 64:6). We all require salvation. As such, it’s proper that the Scriptures consistently talks about wicked civilization ultimately not succeeding. People might not necessarily be punimelted for their sins throughout this life time, yet in the finish evaluation “the evil guy has no future hope, the lamp of the wicked will certainly be snuffed out” (Proverbs 24:20).

What around Sin Makes it Hard to Get Sleep at Night?

Our sin affects our resides in various ways. Since we each have a sinful nature (Romans 3:23) and tend to execute what is self-serving, we are not constantly troubled by the sinful things we perform.

At the same time, the Bible affirms that we have actually some innate sense of right and wrong. Paul talks about this in Romans 2:14-15, describing Gentiles that perform not have the Jewish regulation but “perform by nature points required by the law” which “display that the needs of the regulation are composed on their hearts.” Thus, tbelow are particular points we all recognize are wrong and we have to be disturbed as soon as we execute those wrong points.

However before, we can deaden our conscientific researches in many kind of means. We have the right to find means to justify our sin. We deserve to live in sinful ways long sufficient that sin doesn’t bother us. Eventually then, we will certainly find that even if we prospered up in a spiritual atmosphere, we will still have sinful trends we have to deal with. We have to all be renewed and remade in Christ.

As we develop a deeper walk via God, our moral conscientific researches have to construct. We should uncover that we end up being bothered by sins we commit and motivated to repent, confess and perform what we deserve to to make things appropriate. Depfinishing on what sins we have actually committed or our temperaments, we might discover that unrepentant sin renders it tough to sleep. Our conscientific researches must end up being restmuch less if there is active sin in our resides.

However before, shedding remainder and also stressing about sins after we have repented and sought forgiveness (thinking around them constantly, and so on.) is not a healthy response. That is most likely a authorize that we struggle with shame. Shame tries to tell us that we are tainted by the sins we have done, that we are someexactly how corrupted, and also cannot be solved. The Scriptures indevelops us that in truth “tbelow is no shame for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1) and also thathaving been redeemed, we have actually nothing to feel shameful about.

We may still feel guilty at the things we’ve done (in fact, we should). Guilt is our moral consciences reminding us to repent and make things ideal, a healthy reminder that we should take our sins to God. Depfinishing on what sins we have committed and the damage we challenge, we may feel regret and grieve what happened for a while. However before, if we obsessing over what we’ve done and can’t move previous it, that shows we are suffering shame. We don’t must feel shame at the sins we’ve done, bereason Jesus has already paid for those sins on the cross.

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