\n well isk exactly how to describe it to good but..H = Hammer OnIts once you fight a fret through strumming the string..Like if i hit the A string and i had my finger ~ above the fifth fret, v my following finget i would certainly hit 6, or you deserve to hit an open and then slam her finger ~ above the fret you need.

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\n a 2h0 would certainly actually it is in a pull off \"p\" in tab, yet the h= hammer on.so. 5h7= 5th fret hammer ~ above 7th fret.
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\n the should most likely be 2p0 meaing beat the 2nd note and also pull her finger turn off so it"s open.If it"s 0h2 than it means hammer top top
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\n Well, if they have 2h0 they"re screwing it up a bit, it have to be 2p0. The h stands for hammer-on, when you push the 2nd note through your fretting hand without picking again. The p represents pull-off, where you will pull her fretting finger off to the 2nd note.

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