A Classic architecture - The Western ar Bolt activity Shotgun

The Western field bolt activity twelve gauge shotgun is a classic design for a gun, the looks and also feel that these guns are both contemporary and nostalgic. Bolt activity rifles and shotguns are still in production and also demand, and they always will be. According to Wikipedia, the first bolt action rifle was produced in 1824, and so you have the right to well see why the architecture is thought about classic, and where the source of the nostalgia come from.

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You can almost imagine yourself as some type of frontiersman, searching for sustenance, and perhaps you are such a person. My personal thoughts space that searching IS because that sustenance, and also that it elevates one's appreciation for the natural world. The Facts are these, bolt activity rifles to be the infantryman's most frequently used weapon simply up till the military develop up former to human being War Two.


Shotgun, not a rifle. No cheating possible

But we room talking about shotguns here, and not prewar armed forces rifles. Bolt activity shotguns aren't really the most common shotgun in the world, pump action shotguns space the most typical shotguns. Anyone knows that v pump action shotguns, you can take the plug the end of the thing, and load much more than three shots. This is extremely illegal come do when hunting, and also it may even be illegal must you consider your pump activity shotgun your house defense weapon, I'm not specifically sure around that. A game warden can and will come right into your home, and also do it even without a warrant if he therefore desires. That doesn't occur too often, yet it deserve to happen, and also you probably don't desire to have actually your pump action shotgun not have the plug in it if and also when such a instance comes your way.

With this classic and rare bolt action shotguns, you obtain a 2 round clip, and one in the chamber. No cheating is available, uneven you somehow or an additional make your very own clips with larger capacity. Ns wouldn't it is in one to mess around with a homemade clip, and you shouldn't either.

As because that sportsmanship, semi-auto shotguns space pretty much OUT. Hey, I'd love to very own a semi auto shotgun, yet I perform not, and as for myself, ns think I'd just take together a gun together a semi auto shotgun hog hunting. Hogs are thought about a nuisance in Texas, and also fine cuisine every at the very same time. Through a bolt activity shotgun, you gain three shots, as with with a legit pump activity shotgun. Whether or no you have the right to fire off three rounds faster with the pump or the bolt activity is yes, really a issue of conjecture-but I'm willing to bet the I have the right to fire off 3 rounds quicker with any kind of pump activity gun. Therefore if you're into sportsmanship, and complicated yourself v your shooting and also hunting skills, then the bolt activity shotgun or rifle will definitely give you a bit an ext challenge.

A Nice review of the Wester ar Bolt action Shotgun

Sold Out!

Searching the internet for prices for these Western field bolt action shotguns. . . .I discovered none new, which have the right to only median that this standard gun is no longer in production. It's a collector's piece. Mine isn't because that sale, and never will certainly be. My Dad thinks that he to buy the gun prior to I to be born, and he bought it used. Friend can find these wonderful and classic shotguns for sale on the internet in every three significant gauges, 410, 20, and 12. I've seen prices everywhere from $50.00, to much, lot higher. If you are in the market for among these good guns, great Luck, and also Happy Hunting!

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Questions & Answers

Question: where can I acquire a magazine because that a Western field M12 FR12?

Answer: In all honesty, the ideal answer I could give you would certainly be a mom and pop gun store - those types of places have employees with relationships and huge networks the buyers and sellers, and collectors of such things.

Gun mirrors are also an excellent places to go to ask about things because that antique guns.

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norton top top January 08, 2013:

There's a guy a couple of houses with a big radio antenna... Hard to explain. It's in the sticks.

i'll look in ~ the google coordinates

Wesman Todd show (author) indigenous Kaufman, Texas on January 07, 2013:

Ha! Norton you just described every patriarch in mine neighbourhood! LOL!

Kaufman is awfully close come Dallas....I've been functioning a many in more remote locations further East....Oh man, there are areas in Texas whereby folks can and also do tho do everything tha hell they want to do :)

norton on January 07, 2013:

2 old boats as well (one that the lock is a Century, missing outboard)

norton on January 07, 2013:

Not sure...sounds familiar. There room 2 Farmal tractors still on the property. I was on county road, off the key track. The guy next door has actually a man Dear and limps!!!!

Wesman Todd shaw (author) indigenous Kaufman, Texas on December 28, 2012:

Hey Norton, do I understand you? I've mostly always lived in Kaufman :)

norton top top December 19, 2012:

ps...I got the 16gauge when I remained in kaufman!

norton on December 19, 2012:

cheers Todd.... Wow $48.

Wesman Todd show (author) from Kaufman, Texas ~ above December 09, 2012:

Norton, I'd look on ebay were ns you.


norton top top December 09, 2012:

Where deserve to I get a mag/clip because that my 16 gauge? ns may try and do one in the meantime.

Wesman Todd show (author) from Kaufman, Texas ~ above June 26, 2012:

Hey thomas - the one my Dad owns is a twelve.

He LOVES the thing! the is the designated residence defense weapon in the parent's house.

I live in a little trailer top top the property...but i ain't the one come watch the end for roughly here!

You have the right to see me saying this is "MY" gun...but that isn't. The wouldn't seem appropriate to it is in talking about Dad's pistol in the article.

I've never ever shot the thing. Mine Dad is very kind....but the isn't the kind to permit folks use his personal things.

Thomas what is the resolve shotgun shot? The other day someone told me lock aren't selling lead shoot anymore, that it to be all steel shot, and that it had nothing choose the selection of command shot.

Thomas on June 26, 2012:

I picked up a bolt action 16 gauge shotgun with an flexible choke a few years earlier for $65, mine own honest opinion, that is alright but ! i love the pump, twin barrel or the Browning automatic shotguns much better ! and yes Walmart sells 16 gauge shotgun ammo, atleast right here in northern Arizona .

Wesman Todd show (author) indigenous Kaufman, Texas on august 08, 2011:

Dang. Angel, if you could take some pictures of the I can probably aid you the end - the ideal thing you might do is find a an excellent gun forum top top the web, and use the pictures on a forum and also ask there.

Angel on respectable 08, 2011:

I have a 12 gauge solitary shot bolt action shot gun and also it has no manufacturer surname on it. The does have actually a serial number and M 80 on it in addition to several various proof marks and also other markings on it. To be wondering if everyone had any info ~ above a gun choose this.

Wesman Todd show (author) native Kaufman, Texas on may 31, 2011:

Hey, everyone wants to to buy mine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad for them, it's going nowhere!

dablufox native Australia on might 31, 2011:

Intersting shottie, never ever seen a bolt activity shotgun before!

Wesman Todd demonstrate (author) native Kaufman, Texas on might 17, 2011:

"Get er' done!"

I favor to think the I choose all stories that space well written, nevertheless of the time duration and location. I recall a novel around China during the 80's that i somehow read, despite it's unfamiliar territory, and substantial size.

Bolt action. . . You simply gotta be while after 1824 because that bolt action, according to what I'd read.

Elefanza from somewhere in My brain on might 17, 2011:

That's awesome! I'm composing a western-themed quick story together we speak. I might just need to use this type of total to do the story much more realistic.

Do you favor westerns? friend seem like the type of human that can write a good western story. For this reason far, mine is stuck at the moment. But in a little bit, that will obtain done.

Wesman Todd shaw (author) native Kaufman, Texas ~ above December 02, 2010:

Hey SteveoMC, who cares what people think? I absolutely only care what rational human being like yourself think. I ran roughly all over the woods through shotguns once I to be twelve year old, haven't hurt anyone yet, so people who think they know so well what who else's kids should do, etc, only think castle know.

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SteveoMc from Pacific NorthWest on December 02, 2010:

I thrived up in Alaska, we all had guns as kids. I couldn't believe that human being thought it was a bad idea. That course, we were searching or law it because that safety. I need to admit i don't know too much about them, however I worth them. I preferred this.

Wesman Todd demonstrate (author) native Kaufman, Texas ~ above December 01, 2010:

Thanks Tom! What I'm finding right here on hubpages is that if I compose articles about guns and also guitars, climate those articles do well v google!

Gosh, Tom, girlfriend just offered me a significant idea! I have to write around knives as well!

I'm not exactly Rambo, or anything; yet I perform enjoy quality assets of any kind, and also with guns, knives, and guitars; we're often taking care of high quality, and also American do too!

justom indigenous 41042 top top December 01, 2010:

Good hub man, even though prefer I've told girlfriend I understand very little about guns. Once Justin was a kid he to be into guns so I'd take him and a pair of his friends to Gun and also Knife shows and also I'll tell girlfriend what guy it was yes, really interesting. I also signed a pair of petitions against gun control. I had actually a girlfriend of mine take him the end to shoot and teach him safety. Peace!! Tom