JBL upper and lower reversal 5 and the UE boom 3 room packed v so countless features, but between these two, We highly introduce UE eight 3 for you.

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Why us Recommend UE boom 3?

This Bluetooth speaker is one IP67 rated waterproof & dustproof device, and also there won’t be any kind of issue under 1 meter that water for 30 minutes. ~ above the contrary, its challenger is IPX7 rated which is no safe choose Boom 3.You have the right to pair UE boom 3 v up come 150+ boom or MegaBoom gadgets through the PartyUP feature to make her sound louder. In contrast, JBL upper and lower reversal 5 can be paired v a preferably of 100 devices only.It includes a Magic Button, so you can straight play, pause, skip and also control streaming music through one touch ~ above the speaker. However Flip 5 doesn’t include this remarkable option.

I assumption: v you are no more confused around why we suggest UE eight 3. If you choose those key features and wanna examine the price then simply click the button below.


Similarities in between JBL upper and lower reversal 5 & UE eight 3

Both have the premium construct quality and also are straightforward to carry. So, both are really durable and you can carry these gadgets anywhere.They have actually waterproof features, therefore your speakers are always safe no issue how bad the weather is!These speakers have actually very great sound top quality with traditional bass which provides the ton of music live and also smooth.Their fast charging feature enables charging these devices within a very short time.There space multiple color variants available. Hence, girlfriend can pick your desired shade according to your choice.

You are gonna acquire these similar functions through both speakers. If you want the best sound high quality with advanced facilities climate you have actually to pick UE eight 3.

Quick Comparison

SpecificationsJBL flip 5UE eight 3
Editor’s Rating4.8 out of 54.7 the end of 5
Connectivity Range75 ft150 ft
Battery Life12 hours15 hours
Updates via AppYes Yes
ColorVariants AvailableVariants Available
ControlsTouch Touch 
Drop-ProofYes Yes
Product Dimension7.1 x 2.7 x 2.9 inches2.9 x 2.9 x 7.25 inches
Item Weight1.2 pounds1.34 pounds
Waterproof IPx7 ratedIP67 rated
Pairing systemConnect+PartyUp
Wireless ChargingN/AYes
Battery1 Lithium metal battery compelled (included)1 Lithium-ion battery forced (included)
Warranty1-Year Warranty2-Years restricted Warranty

Differences & Similarities in between JBL upper and lower reversal 5 & UE eight 3 


The outlook of the Bluetooth speakers is rather different and identifiable. The boom 3 has a huge plus and minus button on one side and also other buttons top top the optimal portion, when the JBL flip 5 has actually the buttons in a typical shape. Eight 3 doesn’t have any extra layers or style on the body, and it look at great. You deserve to hang the boom 3 almost everywhere with that is bungee hanger, yet the JBL flip 5 no have any type of hanger. There is a magic button on optimal of the boom 3 that will permit you to regulate your playlists through a single touch.


This is the just section whereby the boom 3 will provide you much less than the JBL flip 5. The flip 5 come in a variety of 14 color options, if the eight 3 comes in seven. Though the boom 3 has fewer color options, there are still some premium variants to select from. The Camo shade of the flip 5 and also the tropical Gray that the eight 3 are two of the most unique shade variants.


You will love the speakers’ sounds together there was no damage to carry out you the best. The eight 3 has actually an superior 360-degree sound distribution feature that will offer you the same sound from any angle. Girlfriend will have a loud and also crisp sound on the boom 3 without any doubt. The JBL flip 5 is also good at this section and also comes through a premium sound quality. 


The gadgets come with an extremely decent bass output. The boom 3 will improve your party atmosphere a thousands times v its super base quality. Over there won’t be any type of lack of high quality in sounds because that a higher bass. The sound will stay clear and also natural in any kind of level that bass. JBL flip 5 likewise has very good bass quality, yet the in its entirety winner will be the boom 3.


One of the major elements the a Bluetooth speaker is the battery. You require a kind battery back-up to usage the speaker for exterior purposes. Both the the speaker have great battery backup. The speaker come through Lithium-ion & steel batteries. The JBL flip 5 will administer you 12 hrs of battery backup, when the UE eight 3 has actually a powerful battery v 15 hrs of backup. UE eight 3 will obviously it is in the far better choice if you are concerned about the battery backup.


As these are Bluetooth speakers, you may require to usage them at a party. As soon as you have the boom 3 in your hand, just don’t worry about the surroundings. This speak is waterproof v an IP67 rated. There won’t be any kind of problem through dust or water. For this reason are ready to walk to any poolside or out parties v this speaker. The JBL upper and lower reversal 5 is an IPx7 rated waterproof speaker.

Connect with Multiple Device

While in ~ a party, if you want to pair through other devices for a huge sound experience, the can be fried Ears eight 3 will enable you to perform so. This an equipment has the function to attach it with up come 150 devices. V the PartyUp feature, girlfriend are enabled to pair this machine with other Boom or MegaBoom devices. You deserve to pair the various other one v a preferably of 100 JBL PartyBoost compatible devices. The JBL PartBoost attribute will allow you to pair through other gadgets to have actually the ideal and big sound experience.

Durability & Warranty

The speakers’ develop quality is for this reason premium that there have to not be any kind of doubt about the durability of the devices. This speakers room perfect for any kind of party or outside purposes. Specially, The boom 3 is more durable for its IP67 rated waterproof design. Friend will have actually 2 year of warranty for the boom 3 and also 1 years because that the upper and lower reversal 5.

Final Words

Boom 3 and also Flip 5 space two exceptional speakers, no doubt about that. Yet obviously, you want the far better one on her bucket list. Boom 3 will offer you a far better battery back-up with a more durable design. This is providing you better features and also won’t price you much more than the JBL Flip5.

Frequently asked Questions around JBL flip 5 & UE eight 3 

Can ns answer calls on flip 5?

No, there is no mic in the speakers to answer calls.

Does it take too lengthy to fee the battery?

They room pretty fast. No take an ext than 2 hours.

Does it float in the water?

Yes, they space waterproof and will float in the water.

Can ns pair the boom 3 with other speakers?

Sure. This one deserve to be paired v Boom & MegaBoom devices.

Is over there a carrying situation with the JBL upper and lower reversal 5?

No. But there is a bungee hanger on the UE eight 3.

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