Jbl Charge 3 Vs Ue Boom 2 Vs Jbl Flip 3 : Which Is Better? Compare Jbl Flip 3 Vs Ultimate Ears Boom 2

As I understand it, the UE Boom 2 is considered the better product but as far as value goes, the JBL Flip 3 seems better.

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UE Boom 2 has a better battery life, is completely waterproof (versus water resistant), and has a better bluetooth range (10m vs 20m). Both are comparable in regards to sound.

I'd like to use the speakers daily in the home and at events like gatherings and even the outdoors when camping. Money isn't a huuuge issue and while it would be nice to save some dosh, the benefits of the Boom 2 make me hesitate.

As there's currently a sale with both products, it's UE Boom 2 at $134.10/$157.50 and JBL Flip 3 at $76.55/$86.40. Secondary prices are for if the cheaper ones sell out (as they are currently low)


Have an original UE Boom and a UE boom 2. The sound quality is great and so is the battery life. I've used mine indoors and outdoors and have never once had to turn the volume all the way up because it can get so loud. I purchased one of the JBL speakers for a family member a couple years ago and remember the sound quality being better on the UE Boom than the JBL. Especially if it's on sale I would go with the UE Boom 2.

My friend has a FLIP3 and the sound quality is really good and loud… Not as loud as flip 3, but audible better quality. Only thing I didn't like was the roundness of it, It could and did roll on his car.

Never heard or seen the other one thou.

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I have a megaboom and would thoroughly recommend them. Dropped it countless times and still no problem after a year.

If you're looking at a JBL Speaker, I would say to look at the Pulse 2. I've seen them go on sale before for $120 and I bought mine during Black Friday for $120. Original price is $200 though.

The sound is absolutely phenomenal, the bass, treble, everything. No loss in quality at full volume (though is extremely loud). It has an extremely good battery life, even better with the color display turned off and is water resistant.

I would not hesitate to buy another one if I wanted to and always recommend it to my friends looking for one.

I cannot comment on the ue's. I would say to hit up a local Microcenter or Best Buy and try out the test displays to hear the quality difference.

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