Hello!I"m interested in gaining a UHD bluray player and i"m kinda stuck on which of these two players to get. Clearly I want to obtain the most bang for my buck and also from what ive check out so much these 2 seem to it is in the finest of a minimal choice.I was all set to gain the X700 due to the fact that of Dolby Vision support however then I began seeing posts about freezing and also really loud disc sounds coming from the player once in use. Plenty of seem to add it to poor build quality.So now i"m thinking about going for the X800. It appears to be made much sturdier i m sorry I"m guessing will eliminate that according to playback issue? The only downside I have the right to see is no Dolby Vision which i"m not sure is a vast deal.Can anybody provide me some understanding into what you think about these two and also how castle compare? Is there a better player out there right now that is close-ish in price?Thanks because that the help!

I have both. X800 has actually frozen on fairly a few discs, X700 has been perfect so far. X800 is far superior in construct quality though.

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I own a Sony UBP 700 the is quite yet the freezing issue is a problem I am suffering which Sony room investigating through no expected fix date. I believe the problem is playing Bd100 discs e.g negative boys 1&2 The Dark article trilogy all have actually frozen for me three quarters into the film.

I watched all set Player One as soon as i very first got mine 700, believe it"s a BD-100, play flawlessly throughout.

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I uncovered myself at ideal Buy end the weekend and practically pulled the trigger however I just didn"t feeling comfortable yet. They have actually a sad choice of players too. Still I practically picked up the x700 however then I witnessed an LG UBK90 and also did some quick on the spot review searches and Consumer Reports had actually that detailed as the editors choice a few spots over the Sony X700. It"s not a pleasant an equipment to look at by any method but it"s scored higher in virtually every department. Currently i"m yes, really torn in between which one to get. That seems like it"s far better in every aspect, native PQ, come BQ. I have actually read a couple of cases of civilization complaining around freezes together well. This appears to be a pretty common complaint with UHD players. I think UBK90 could be the way to go though. Does anyone have any type of experience v it?
Have a look in ~ LG UP-970 owner threads, the UBK-90 is basically a change the name UP-970. Issues seem to have remained.
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