Gaming peripherals are highly well-known when the understanding is getting taken on by much more people and because they room reliable and also ideal because that the gaming environment. Headset favor Astro A50 Vs turtle Beach elite 800X are two that the many purchased tools especially those that play in a team and need the one they can rely ~ above both sound quality and convenient. Because that those that are additionally considering these models, watch what they deserve to offer and also pick the one with the most promising power below.

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Do you require a Gaming HeadsetWhat space Astro A50 and Turtle Beach upstream 800XWhat Astro A50 and also Turtle Beach elite 800X watch LikeHow space the Sound high quality of Astro A50 and Turtle Beach elite 800XWhat rather Astro A50 and Turtle Beach upstream 800X deserve to offerAre Astro A50 and Turtle Beach upstream 800X ComfortableAstro A50 Vs tortoise Beach elite 800X


Gaming Headset

We space sure that everybody agree that music brings united state closer to certain experience and this is why horror movies have those scary sounds play in the ago everytime the main character is around to meets the antagonist or suffer something dreadful. This is the exact same for any kind of application specifically those combining visual and audio including video clip games due to the fact that their music beat a huge duty in helping players feeling the story better, do the experience various rather than simply simply the town hall the graphics.

As video games are much more welcomed through our society and increased number of players every year, so do the peripherals target to enhance user’s experience and one the the most popular tools sought by both console and PC gamers is headset. Some could say us can gamings with just any kind of headset and also this is true but it is not the one target by the tool since they room aiming to enhance your gaming time or in basic boosted to suit the gaming environment and sound.

However, the is also not true that a consistent headphone will sound poor or make your gaming endure not exciting anymore because it is certainly not the case. As soon as you desire to spend a sum of money top top something, we wished it to be worth it and gaming headset is a an extremely hard challenge to overcome.

Talking around gaming, the many important point is their comfort due to the fact that chances we will be play for several hrs a work or a week and also this is why we require them come be an ext comfortable. Headband design, padding, ear cups, and also overall weight space playing vital role to decision whether lock will clear up nicely on height of your head or not.The next most sought capacity is surround system and also while we room not certain whether they room really functioning as the advertisement all the time or not, what we have the right to say is the tailored sound provides the gaming audio an ext enjoyable such as gunshots and also other sound effects.Lastly, fashion, microphone, and also platform are the next important point and each among them except fashion or style are mostly useful which is great since us can straight relate them to the one we need for instance the console type or even if it is you will need the mic or not while gaming. As for fashion, the is very an individual and as cool as RGB headset may look like, they don’t serve and also practical benefit.

About Astro A50 and Turtle Beach elite 800X

For those who want to enhance their experience, acquiring a gaming headset can be a way decision to take specifically if you have the budget plan to spend. They deserve to be very expensive in ~ times depending on models and an innovation planted inside but price doesn’t constantly tell their sound high quality which can make online shopping tricky for us can’t shot the units beforehand. However, that is good to collection a budget an initial so then us can eliminate the remainder of the alternatives quickly.

Astro A50Turtle Beach upstream 800XBest Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions7.3 x 3.5 x 7.2 inches10.6 x 5.3 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight1.49 pounds1.63 pounds

If what you are looking for and preparing to buy is a gaming headset with premium sound, Astro and Turtle Beach room two impressive brands to examine out among those many other companies out there. Both that them are equally trusted manufacturers since they constantly offer an excellent quality products and also price wise, they are not going to ask so much from your pocket depending on what they can offer. They likewise offer miscellaneous models to match your needs whether it demands to be simple or fancy.

There are lots of gaming headset asserted to be able to deliver a real choose experience and fun sufficient to enhance your gaming time however not countless can beat Astro A50 and also Turtle Beach elite 800X because both of lock are among the top as soon as it comes to sound and everything you desire in a an excellent gaming headset. Of course they space not the best for everyone because sound depend on taste also but lock surely deliver the quality matching their price. Read also: Turtle beach Stealth 600 Vs 700.

Both of castle are put on the premium collection and are fairly expensive contrasted to many an excellent headsets out there i beg your pardon are also not disappointing yet by putting much initiative in designing and also building a headset that not just looks an excellent but additionally feels great, Astro A50 and also Turtle Beach upstream 800X space winning at several points. Both of them are suitable with either console or computer but notification that the later has its letter X here and it is due to the fact that we room picking the headset because that Xbox One.

Astro A50 and also Turtle Beach elite 800X Design

As a premium headset, you deserve to instantly notification how good they are developed just indigenous inspecting the unit due to the fact that these two room heavy and rigid yet when you compare them, it feels choose Elite 800X has slightly better material or build quality. As a full closed ago headsets, they are pretty lightweight sweet 372 and 362 grams respectively. An additional difference is the ear cups padding i m sorry is leather, probably artificial in elite 800X and also removable microfiber in A50 so the is a matter of choice about i beg your pardon you favor better.


While the 800X is one Xbox One version, the A50 in our post is the older version or Gen 3 which to be released in 2017 when this year Astro Gaming already released the Gen 4 because that this model. Moving earlier to the comparison, the design of your headbands are additionally different because as you have the right to see ~ above the sample snapshot above, the previous has this square-ish top or headband when the latter is ring and more traditional looking. Since they space wireless, every one of the controls are constructed on their cups.

Astro A50 and also Turtle Beach upstream 800X Performance

Moving come the most important component which is the performance, let’s see what Astro A50 and also Turtle Beach upstream 800X deserve to offer. Beginning with the A50, this Gen 3 is very much comparable in performance to the newest headset, in truth the 2019 variation somehow sound a little muddier. For a traditional music listening session it is nice balance but the brightest component is once you listen while gaming due to the fact that it is one of the best sounding out there for the headset is capable of carrying a an extremely detailed effects.

The bass sounds robust and sound choose gun fires room punchy or deep if you deserve to listen come footsteps and also slashing effects or all at once music being played with lot clarity. It is not the loudest headset however, but the sound is very pleasing. Together for the elite 800X, this model also has a very great performance however when you compared them side by side, it is a bit doing not have in the bass part because in which method the effects like shoot doesn’t feeling as genuine anymore.

Astro A50 and also Turtle Beach elite 800X Features

Now stop talk around the added feature side and starting with the microphone, both of these premium headsets have microphones developed in the unit however 800X is combined into the earcup which means it is no going to obtain the same sound top quality or let’s say no as great as those with devoted mic. A50 top top the various other hand has actually this flexible mic that you can fold up or throw upfront however unlike the A40 brother, you can’t eliminate it.

Another helpful feature in Astro A50 and Turtle Beach upstream 800X is your sound tailoring and also in this next the last shines brightly with a full of 18 sound presets which have the right to be overwhelming for some. The star is Superhuman hear in game Mode i beg your pardon is designed to let you hear the sound as clear together possible, thus, the sound of far away gunfire or footsteps are an extremely noticeable. In A50 we have equalizer to assist you readjust the lot of base or treble in situation the presets doesn’t accomplish you yet.

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Astro A50 and also Turtle Beach upstream 800X Comfort

The last however not least allude we desire to talk around here is their comfort level due to the fact that chances we room going come wear this headsets for hours. They are an extremely comfortable however the lighter load of A50 does aid a small when that is a long session and the microfiber walk feels an excellent even after hours compared to 800X but, it additionally leaks much more sound and also doesn’t continue to be as firm on ours head. Their headband space padded and since the padding the Astro is removable, we may replace it.