Ray Bradbury's "There will certainly Come Soft Rains" is a scientific research fiction short story collection in Allendale, California, in the year 2026. It's unexplained in the it has no human characters.

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This short article starts v a summary, and then looks in ~ themes and some concerns to consider.


Summary the "There will Come Soft Rains"

The living-room clock announces the it's 7 o'clock and also time to obtain up. The home is empty.

At ripe minutes ~ seven, the kitchen prepares breakfast and announces it's ready. The voice also states the date and some family reminders. There room mechanical sound from within the walls.

At one minute ~ eight, the voice states it's time because that work and school. There's no activity in the house. It's raining outside.

The garage door opens for the car and also closes after a long interval.

At eight-thirty the kitchen removes the table and also cleans the dishes. In ~ nine-fifteen small robot mice clean the whole house.

At ten-o'clock the sun comes out. This residence is the only one stand in the city. Everything is destroyed. In ~ night there's a radioactive glow.

At ten-fifteen the garden sprinklers come on. The west wall of the home is black other than for five silhouettes—a man, a woman, and also a boy and also girl with a round in the air in between them.

Until today the house had actually kept its residents protected. That didn't enable any outside intrusions.

At noon the front door opens to a familiar dog. The formerly big animal is now thin, sick and whining. It tracks in mud and other debris that the residence promptly disposes of.

The dog operation upstairs and also yelps in ~ the doors. It comes ago down, froths in ~ the mouth, flails roughly wildly and dies in the parlor. In ~ two-fifteen the mouse have acquired rid the the dog's body.

At two-thirty-five the patio sets up for a game of cards and also snacks. At four it puts whatever away.

At four-thirty the nursery fills through images and sounds. The bath fills at five. From 6 to eight the home produces dinner, a fire and a cigar.

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At ripe the beds warm, and at 5 minutes after, a voice asks which poem Mrs. McClellan would favor to hear. As soon as it it s okay no answer, that randomly selects one by Sara Teasdale.