There Is A Time And Place For Everything Pokemon, Oaks Words Echoed

From arriving at Cerulean City, it took several hours to get to the city gym, and it took another half hour to make it through, but at last Misty stood before me, her Staryu ready for battle. I reach into my backpack and threw out a fossil.

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“Go Helix Fossil!”

M__☹♦❢❢❢!” Professor Oak's voice rang through the air. “Now isn't the time to use that!”

Misty stood in disbelief at the fossil I had thrown before her. I searched my backpack, before finding a Poké Ball. I take it out, and throw it at her Staryu.

“You can't catch other people's Pokémon!” The voice scalded me. “Don't be a thief!”

I fumbled around my backpack some more, before I found a Poké Ball containing one of my own Pokémon. I threw it at the floor and out came a Pidgey.

“Go Bird Jesus!”

After a close victory, I've managed to beat Misty and earn the Cascade Badge. But my erratic journey was only just the beginning…

level 1
· 6y

I put my collapsible bike back into my pack. I just couldn't bring myself to break the rules and ride my bicycle indoors

level 1
· 6y

“Hey Gerald, look at this.” said Tim as he handed his friend the newspaper.

“Huh, so they finally found the sick bastard?” he replied as he handed Tim back the newspaper.

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“Appears so. Seems kinda young, don't you think?”.

“Unfortunately, will get off with a reduced sentence because of his age.”

“What kind of upbringing does a kid need to get to do what he did?” Gerald added before sipping his coffee.

“Well, none at all apparently. His mother kicked him out when he was young, told him to take his pet and never come back.”

“His pet? You mean that dog ?”.

“Yeah, well he lived on the streets for a while together with his dog until an acquaintance took him in.”

“Huh, so how did he end up in that forest ?”

“Let's just say that his stay at the home of this 'acquaintance' was less than pleasurable.”

Gerald raised an eyebrow “What do you mean?”.

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“Child abuse Ger. Send him halfway across the state to retrieve the most ridiculous items. That kid and his dog have walked more miles than you and me combined. He got lost and ended up in that forest. “

“Oh, so how long did he stay there in the forest ?”

“About a month.”

“Bullshit, how can a child survive in a forest for a month?”

“Uh, well. You know how – It's the whole reason this thing was blown out of proportions.”

“Oh yeah, the animals.”

“The dog simply tried to feed itself. Things like deer, small wildlife and the occasional Fifi or Snuffles that it happened to encounter. The kid ate whatever the dog didn't. “

“Disgusting, nasty bastard. Could've just asked any adult for some help.”

“Probably didn't trust adults very much considering all that happened to him.”

Tim finished his tea with a sour expression “Ugh, Ice Tea. The bad kind.”

“Don't let it cool, finish it sooner.”

“Don't want to hear that from somebody that's taking tiny sips of his iced coffee even though he ordered a hot cup.” said Tim as he folded up his newspaper.

“Heh, guilty. Well I'm not gonna toss it. It was like 5 dollars. Still contains caffeine” said Gerald as he raised the cup “”So, how did they find the kid ?”

“Uh.Well..” said Tim as he unfolded his newspaper “Seems like he went crazy and shouted 'Get out of my head.' for a while. That's a pretty decent way to notify people of your location. ” Tim perked up “Oh, look. The next page contains a picture of the dog.”

“Damn, that thing looks like 100 pounds of murder. No wonder he send it out against those animals. I doubt anything without a shotgun stands a chance.”

“Yeah well, I still blame the whole thing on his mother though. What kind of parent kicks out their child at that age just so she can move in with her boyfriend ?”

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