We’re being asked todetermine the quantity of warm (Q)needed come raise the temperature of2.02 kg cooking oilfrom23 ˚C come 191 ˚C. Theamount of heat Qis offered by:


wherem = fixed (in grams), c = details heat, ΔT = change in temperature = final T – initial T. We’re given the adhering to values:

m = 2.02 kg

c = 1.75 J/g • ˚C

ΔT = 191 ˚C – 23 ˚C = 168 ˚C


The details heat of a certain form of food preparation oil is 1.75 J/(g • °C). Exactly how much heat energy is required to progressive the temperature of 2.02 kg of this oil from 23 °C come 191 °C?

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Our tutors have actually indicated that to settle this problem you will need to apply the warmth Capacity concept. You deserve to view video lessons to learn warmth Capacity. Or if you need more Heat volume practice, friend can also practice warmth Capacity exercise problems.

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