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Our nation takes great pride in preserving freedom and also disdain the persecution. However, oppression and freedom are not always plainly defined. Bessie Head investigates the involvedness of flexibility in "The Prisoner who Wore Glasses." She mirrors that the clear causes of oppression space not always the many significant, or also as domineering as further, much more indirect, gadgets in a community. In addition to the apparent symbols relating come the key theme of oppression, Brille’s sight, and also resultant glasses, provide far-ranging symbolism and an interpretation to the story. Back Brille is short-sighted, his adept perception of other human being ensures the the detainees of expectancy One accomplish a much better quality that life. The writer uses the protagonist’s glasses together a symbol because that his insight into the operations of the person mind.Hannetjie, is a tough prison guard who comes in come take control of expectancy One, a near unit of black political convicts in a occupational camp in southern Africa. Brille, a prisoner who wears glasses, has gone to jail for his enemy political beliefs. That believes in equality and also this is his only crime. When Hannejtie enters, Brille right away realises the he is no the exact same as the various other guards, who would overlook preeminence flouting and some worries in span One. Brille says to the others, “We’re in for trouble this time, comrades.” This is the an initial clue that the reader needs to Brille’s progressed insight into the personalities of person beings. Furthermore, this is the minute of foresight for the protagonist; he predicts the nature the the new guard and begins to conceive feasible ways of working the situation to the favour of himself and his other prisoners. Indigenous this suggest onwards, Brille starts to look out for an possibility to manipulate the guard’s unexplained character.Hannetjie self-controls Brille harshly because that thieving and also for insolence. However, later on, Brille witnesses Hannetjie illegally acquisition fertilizer and also makes usage of this information to make a address him. The covenant is the the inmates of span One must receive privileges that permit them to bear your long, challenging imprisonment and, in return, they come to be the most conscientious labor force in the occupational camp, assisting Hennetjie to thieve fertilizer and whatever else he wants for his farm at home."The Prisoner who Wore Glasses" does no have plenty of symbols various other than those for freedom and oppression, however the most noticeable is the paradoxically faint conversation that Brille"s sight. Brille, as the story’s protagonist, is the very first character come speak. That observes the moving clouds in the sky and speculates whether if it is a signal because that him to gain a message to his children. However, he never ever sends together a message.Brille is factually short-sighted, yet it is only as a an outcome of his insight into Hannetjie"s mind and also foresight offered in the do of the transaction that he and also his comrades endure your imprisonment. Brille"s understanding into Hannetjie"s mind turns out to it is in crucial. Brille understands the Hannetjie is prefer a boy who have the right to be regulated in a similar way. Brille have the right to actually technique Hannetjie together is proven when Brille provides Hannetjie admit what has actually happened. Hannetjie"s join exposes his guilt about the fertiliser stealing, though he thieved it in stimulate to support his family. This guilt instils in Hannetjie a weakness, and Brille skilfully offers this to manage him. Brille"s foresight aids the operation. Despite irritating the guards through psychological assaults was great in coercion, that is a short-sighted method, as a guard that is all set to help them in survival is greatly an ext cherished come Brille and the other inmates. It is vital to psychic that expectancy One repays Hannetjie; Hannetjie gives expectations One bonuses for example tobacco native his farm, and the inmates start to be well-known as the prison’s most effective work camp, and likewise assist Hannetjie in his theft of agriculture supplies. Originally and also literally short-sighted, Brille adds an important insight right into the guard. Consequently, together a an outcome of foresight that knowledge, the controls the guard in a manner i m sorry ensures the all next gain.As the is in prison, Brille has actually no direct responsibility come his family; rather, the considers his other inmates to it is in his family. This offers the irony that, in many ways, Brille has actually less duties oppressing his life 보다 the guard. In this way, Brille found freedom from accountability in politics, and also though the domineering governmental dominion put that in prison for his political activities, his manipulation that Hannetjie offers him with more freedom and also less restraints in the work camp than would be allowed outside the prison. Brille is conscious of this fact and also uses it versus the guard. Hannetjie is still responsible for his family in the external world and also he do the efforts to support them via theft in ~ the prison. His family members responsibilities are a reason of oppression because that Hannetjie, wherein as lock aren’t for Brille. However, Brille mirrors that he has actually power within the, seemingly oppressive, prison.While the overarching themes the this story explore racial inequality, and the complex topic that the nature the freedom and also repression, Brille’s vision provides vital symbolism into his character. Although literally quick sighted, and wearing glasses as a result, Brille is a deeply insightful person. He provides these advanced skills of late to evaluation Hannetjie’s character and find his weakness. Consequently, that is able come manipulate the guard to the benefit of himself, his comrads, and even Hannetjie together well. In this way, Brille’s glasses are deeply far-ranging to the entire story.

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They provide the protagonist with enough literal sight when, without them, he would certainly be inferior; furthermore, they symbolise his extra perception concerning people and how to control situations to his benefit. Fortunately, Brille is loyal to his fellow inmates and, therefore, the transaction he strikes is v the on purpose of benefitting the whole community inside expectancy One.