Takes ar when a protolith endures a rise/fall in temperature and/or pressure, undergoes compression and also shear (stress), or reacts with an extremely hot water.

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Parallel alignment of platy minerals, and/or the existence of alternating light and also dark fancy minerals.
Recrystallization, step Change, Metamorphic Reaction (neocrystallization), press solution & Plastic Deformation
Slate (Finest Grained foliated metamorphic rock), Phyllite (Fine Grained), Metaconglomerate, Schist (Medium-Coarse Grained) , Gneiss (Alternating dark & irradiate colored minerals-giving a strip appearance), Migmatite
Minerals the recrystallize or grow throughout metamorphism however have no foliation. Lack of foliation method either the metamorphism arisen in the lack of compression and also shear or the most new crystals are equant.
The heat on a map along which an index mineral an initial appears. Every points along line have actually approx. The exact same metamorphic grade.
Regions between two isograds. Area are named after an index mineral the wasn"t current in the previous, reduced grade zone.
Include several various kinds that rocks the differ form each various other in terms of chemical composition and mineral content, however all created under around the exact same temperature & pressure conditions.
Metamorphism the occurs during mountain building and also during subduction, wherein sea floor sediment is lugged to the basic of an accretionary prism. Take away the absent to the heat.
Develops in response to heat without readjust in pressure and also without differential stress. (Think that pottery and also how that goes indigenous wet & soft to hard) The level of change depends ~ above the class of metamorphic rock/temperature. Takes the heat to the rock.
(Thermal Metamorphism) come emphasize that it creates next come an intrusion. Takes place almost everywhere the intrusion that plutons occurs- in ~ convergent plate limits in rifts and also during mountain structure that takes place when continent collide.
Minerals rotate into favorable orientationsSome minerals dissolve and brand-new minerals crystallize in favorable positions.
Metamorphism that occurs as a an effect of shearing alone, through no change in temperature or pressure.
Layering developed as a repercussion of the alignment the mineral grains, or that compositional banding in a metamorphic rock.
A compositionally banded metamorphic rock frequently composed of alternate dark- and light-colored layers.

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Rock that undergoes metamorphism simply because of a change in temperature, there is no being subjected to differential stress.