Describe the overall duty of the lungSummarize the blood circulation pattern linked with the lungsOutline the anatomy the the blood supply to the lungsDescribe the pleura of the lungs and their function

A major organ of the respiratory system, each lung houses structures the both the conducting and respiratory zones. The main function of the lungs is to perform the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide through air from the atmosphere. To this end, the lung exchange respiratory tract gases across a very huge epithelial surface area—about 70 square meters—that is highly permeable come gases.

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Gross Anatomy that the Lungs

The lungs room pyramid-shaped, paired organs that are connected to the trachea through the right and also left bronchi; on the inferior surface, the lungs are bordered by the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the flat, dome-shaped muscle situated at the base of the lungs and also thoracic cavity. The lungs room enclosed by the pleurae, which room attached to the mediastinum. The appropriate lung is much shorter and broader than the left lung, and also the left lung occupies a smaller volume 보다 the right. The cardiac notch is an indentation on the surface of the left lung, and it allows room for the love (Figure 1). The apex of the lung is the premium region, whereas the base is the opposite region near the diaphragm. The costal surface ar of the lung borders the ribs. The mediastinal surface deals with the midline.

Figure 2. Parietal and also Visceral Pleurae of the Lungs

The pleurae carry out two significant functions: They develop pleural fluid and create cavities that different the significant organs. Pleural fluid is secreted by mesothelial cell from both pleural layers and acts to lubricate their surfaces. This lubrication reduce friction between the 2 layers to avoid trauma throughout breathing, and creates surface stress and anxiety that helps keep the place of the lungs against the thoracic wall. This adhesive characteristic of the pleural fluid causes the lungs to enlarge when the thoracic wall surface expands throughout ventilation, allowing the lung to fill v air. The pleurae likewise create a division between major organs that prevents interference due to the activity of the organs, while avoiding the spread of infection.

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Chapter Review

The lungs space the major organs of the respiratory system and are responsible for performing gas exchange. The lungs are paired and also separated right into lobes; The left lung consists of two lobes, vice versa, the right lung is composed of 3 lobes. Blood circulation is very important, as blood is forced to deliver oxygen native the lung to various other tissues throughout the body. The function of the pulmonary circulation is to aid in gas exchange. The pulmonary artery gives deoxygenated blood to the capillaries that kind respiratory membranes with the alveoli, and the pulmonary veins return newly oxygenated blood to the heart for more transport transparent the body. The lungs are innervated by the parasympathetic and also sympathetic concerned systems, which name: coordinates the bronchodilation and also bronchoconstriction of the airways. The lungs room enclosed by the pleura, a membrane the is written of visceral and parietal pleural layers. The space between these two layers is called the pleural cavity. The mesothelial cells of the pleural membrane create pleural fluid, i beg your pardon serves together both a lubricant (to minimize friction throughout breathing) and as an adhesive to adhere the lungs to the thoracic wall (to facilitate motion of the lungs throughout ventilation).

Self Check

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Critical reasoning Questions

Compare and also contrast the right and also left lungs.Why room the pleurae no damaged during normal breathing?
The right and also left lung differ in size and shape come accommodate various other organs that encroach top top the thoracic region. The best lung is composed of 3 lobes and is much shorter than the left lung, because of the place of the liver under it. The left lung consist of of 2 lobes and is longer and narrower 보다 the ideal lung. The left lung has a concave region on the mediastinal surface called the cardiac notch that allows room for the heart.There is a cavity, dubbed the pleural cavity, in between the parietal and also visceral layers of the pleura. Mesothelial cell produce and secrete pleural fluid into the pleural cavity the acts as a lubricant. Therefore, together you breathe, the pleural fluid prevents the two layers that the pleura native rubbing versus each other and causing damage due to friction.


bronchoconstriction: decrease in the size of the bronchiole as result of contraction of the muscular wall

bronchodilation: increase in the size of the bronchiole because of contraction the the muscular wall

cardiac notch: indentation ~ above the surface ar of the left lung that allows space for the heart

hilum: concave structure on the mediastinal surface of the lungs wherein blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, nerves, and a bronchus go into the lung

lung: organ the the respiratory system that performs gas exchange

parietal pleura: outermost class of the pleura that connects to the thoracic wall, mediastinum, and also diaphragm

pleural cavity: space between the visceral and parietal pleurae

pleural fluid: substance that acts together a lubricant for the visceral and parietal layers of the pleura throughout the motion of breathing

pulmonary artery: artery that arises native the pulmonary trunk and also carries deoxygenated, arterial blood come the alveoli

pulmonary plexus: network that autonomic nervous system fibers discovered near the hilum the the lung

visceral pleura: innermost great of the pleura the is superficial come the lungs and extends right into the lung fissures