The Neverending Story was a film that ended up being a staple form of entertainment because that many kids during the 80s and 90s. A story that took fantasy to brand-new heights. But prior to it to be the good success the was the film (the sequels room debatable in that regard), The Neverending Story was a novel title Die Unendliche Geschichte by German writer Michael Ende, composed in 1979, and also translated come English in 1983.

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Like most fantasy stories of the West, The Neverending Story had actually dragons, naturally. But not any type of ol’ europe dragons v scaly hides, bat wings, or the ability to breathe fire. Though, those species of dragons are discussed in the book. Ende’s key dragons in this tale were based upon Japanese dragons. Very similar to the method Japanese dragons were and are depicted, as we debated in our dragon of Japan episode. The most significant of these dragons in the book and films, and also a an essential character to the plot, is Falkor, the luck dragon.


Falkor is a dragon beloved by numerous adults, who were children ago when the film was released in 1984. Despite not lot is discussed or known around him or his other dragons. We’re going to amend that difficulty right now.

Let’s begin with his name, candlestick we? ns mean, Falkor is a rather distinct name, specifically considering the he’s a Japanese-type dragon. Falkor’s name in the original German novel is “Fuchur” which to be apparently derived from the Japanese native fukuryū. Fuku definition “happiness, luck” and also Ryū an interpretation “dragon”. And also so we have Falkor gift the luckdragon in Fantastica. However fukuryū has actually been stated as an interpretation “hidden dragon” or “crouching dragon” together well.

There room mentions the fukuryū, or fuku-riu, having been dragon in Japanese mythology and folklore, though most are in point out of tattoo designs of these glorious beings. The term fukuryū was used instead as the surname for contemporary concepts and also objects, for instance the Fukuryū special strike unit during people War 2, or the fishing boat Daigo Fukuryū Maru (Lucky Dragon 5) that come in contact with a atom fallout, and also even a gorgeous cactus called Astrophytum myriostigma fukuryu.

But ago to Falkor, aside from the an interpretation of his name, he likewise shares physical qualities with Japanese dragons. Falkor is long, slender, serpentine, bearded, and a mix of miscellaneous animals, and has 3 claws on every foot. Whereby he differs, at least in the film’s depiction, is the he’s extended in fur and has a canine head. Largely to do him an ext appealing come the audience. In the book, however, Falkor’s human body is spanned in pink and also white scales and also he has actually an exceptional mane approximately a lion-like head. Falkor was taken into consideration pure, warm, and also a biology of air, which to be why he didn’t need wings in order come fly. He could additionally spew forth a blue flame as soon as needed.


Smerg indigenous The Neverending Story 2

Like practically everyone, Falkor additionally had a relative who he’d rather not be linked with. This relative is a dragon called Smerg. And yes, it is a play on Smaug together the German version of the surname is Smärg. Smerg is stated to be monstrous, fairly the antithesis to Falkor. Smerg to be a lord, surprisingly, the a leaden lock in Fantastica. He’s defined as having wings that slimy skin a hundred feet long, the human body of a rat through mange, and the tail the a scorpion. He also possesses grasshopper hindlimbs and tiny shrivelled forelimb hands prefer a child’s. Fairly the vulgar mish-mash, if I do say so.

Smerg is no plain dragon, the above attributes aside. He’s a type of hydra. His main head is like a crocodile’s ~ above a lengthy protractible neck, and can spew forth icy fire. Rather of eyes, this head has two smaller heads protruding from it. One head is favor an old man’s and also the other is that of an old woman. The old male head is the one Smerg uses to see and hear with yet he speaks only with the old woman head.

The exciting thing about Smerg was that he was wished into existence in Fantastica by the key character Bastian. The wish was so well-thought that Smerg was made an old being in the world, so much that Falkor knew that to be family. An extremely distant family.

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There is a point out of various other dragons existing in Fantastica, yet they’re not featured in the book or film. Atreyu, the key character of the publication Bastian is suck into, briefly explains these various other dragons as such:

look prefer loathsome snakes and also live in deep caves, diffusing a noxious stench and also guarding some real or imaginary treasure. Such generate of chaos room usually wicked or ill-tempered, they have batlike wings v which they have the right to rise clumsily and noisily into the air, and they spew fire and also smoke.”

It’s really likely that Bastian based Smerg top top this description since he to be still reading the publication when Atreyu mentions them, prior to he obtained sucked into Fantastica.

As you deserve to see, Ende arisen a huge and rich fantasy world and his dragons do not disappoint. I’m simply so excited to check out dragons based closely on their supernatural counterparts. It yes, really brings them come life that way. Perhaps that’s why Falkor is for this reason beloved?

What perform you think, Mythsters? Is Falkor important a neverending dragon in her hearts and minds?