How To Say Thank You So Much In Arabic In 13 Ways, Top 5 Ways To Say Thank You In Arabic!

A diverse language because with various dialects, Arabic is spoken in 25 countries around the world. New learners of Arabic tend to struggle when learning the language, especially because they are taught Fushah which is rarely used today. But despite the differences in dialects and cultures, it is fair to say that Arabs unite on one aspect: etiquette.

If you’re heading to an Arab country, you must be well-equipped with your manners. Apart from knowing how to say “hello” in Arabic, you should also learn your “thank you’s”.

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And yes, there’s more to it than shukran!

Not a faint idea on where to begin? Here are the many ways to say “thank you” in Arabic, as well as how to say “you’re welcome” and “please”.

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Ways to say “thank you” in Arabic


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That concludes the many ways to say “thank you”, “you’re welcome”, and “please” in Arabic. No doubt, learning Arabic can be tricky; you have seen how just one word can be expressed in different ways. However, with the aid resources like books and apps, you’ll surely succeed.

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