Super Mario 64 Ds Cheat Codes, Super Mario 64 Ds (Usa) (Rev 1)




Star bonusObtain all 150 stars and go outside the castle. Climb inside the cannon opening that is now located where the grating was near the Fish Pond. Aim to land onto the roof, to get three lives and a red block for flying Mario.

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Rabbit for LuigiGo to the area with all the ghosts and where the door is located. Jump, then grab the ledge. Climb it, then jump up again. There should be a green rabbit up there.Glowing rabbitsThere are seven glowing rabbits that randomly replace each of the character”s mini-game rabbits. Once you catch all seven, you will receive a key that unlocks the white door to the right of Wario”s. You will receive a Star. In order to find the glowing rabbits, you must first find all the regular rabbits for each character. The location of the glowing rabbits is as follows:Rabbit 1: Caught with Luigi. It is found in the underground hallway near the Lethal Lava Land course.Rabbit 2: Caught with Yoshi. It is found in the garden on the outside of the castle near the bushes.Rabbit 3: Caught with Wario. It is found in the hall of the Tiny-Huge Island course.Rabbit 4: Caught with Mario. It is found on the staircase leading up to the Tick-Tock Clock course and the Rainbow Ride course.Rabbit 5: Caught with Luigi. Found in the Bob-Omb Battlefield hall.Rabbit 6: Caught with Wario. Found in the same place you found it with Wario. It is found in the hall of the Tiny-Huge Island Course.Rabbit 7: Caught with Mario. Found in the Jolly Roger Bay hall.To unlock to glowing rabbits, you must find all seven rabbits for each character. Note: Luigi only has six, as his seventh one is on the roof of the castle which cannot be accessed until all 150 Power Stars are recovered. After this, eight white rabbits will appear at random. For the most part, each character has about two rabbits, but at the very least one. Generally, the glowing rabbit for each character can be found by going to all the rabbits, then the last one is the glowing rabbit. Once a rabbit is found that is glowing, you do not have to go to that one to make the last one glowing. There is no order on the characters; just start with Luigi and go to all rabbits until a glowing rabbit or all have been checked. Then, switch to Mario, Yoshi, and Wario. Continue until the final rabbit is found. The eighth glowing rabbit will give you a key that will open the door next to Wario”s refereed to as “The Empty Room.” This room contains a Power Star and nothing else.More mini-gamesTo unlock more mini-games in the rec room, catch a rabbit with the character you want more mini-games with. For example, catch a rabbit with Mario to get another Mario mini-game. Additionally, after you have been in Princess Toadstool”s (Peach”s) room with the big dresser and all the drawers, go outside in the front yard of the castle. You will need to be playing with Yoshi. You will see three rabbits grouped up together. If you go near them, they will run away very fast. Run after them and catch them with your tongue. The rabbit will plead to let it out. You will automatically spit it out. After it complains about you about almost swallowing it, it will give you a key to the drawers, which will unlock more mini games in the rec room for Yoshi. You will get three keys, because there are three rabbits.Mini-game requirementsMarioSort Or “Splode: One rabbit.Trampoline Time: Two rabbits.Shuffle Shell: Three rabbits.Bounce And Trounce: Four rabbits.Connect The Characters: Five rabbits.Shell Smash: Six rabbits.Trampoline Terror: Seven rabbits.WarioCoincentration: One rabbit.Bingo Ball: Two rabbits.Psyche Out!: Three rabbits.Slots Shot: Four rabbits.Lakitu Launch: Five rabbits.Intense Coincentration: Six rabbits.Giant Snowball Slalom: Seven rabbits.YoshiHide And Boo Seek: One rabbit.Puzzle Panel: Two rabbits.Boom Box: Three rabbits.Tox Box Shuffle: Four rabbits.Which Wiggler?: Five rabbits.

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Luigi”s 5 Card Draw Poker mini-gameTo get a very high score, exit the game and come back to it if you get a bad hand. Doing so will not effect your coins or winning streak.Getting LuigiGo to the courtyard with the fountain and the ghosts. Look for one ghost that larger than the others. Use Mario to stomp him. Enter the small object that it drops to reach Boo”s mansion. Get the first Star. On the second one, go up to the second floor. Continue on to defeat Big Boo and get Luigi”s key.Getting MarioTo rescue Mario, you need at least 8 Stars. Go into the castle version of the rec room, where Toad is worried about losing Peach”s rec room keys. Open the 8 Star door. Go forward, jump across the platforms, climb the pole, and reach the top of the huge tree. Jump down the hole on top of it. To defeat the following Boss, Goomboss as Yoshi, just run behind him, swallow a minion, and throw it back at him. After each hit, he will grow and redden. After three hits, he will be defeated and you will get the key to Mario”s room. Then, just unlock the door and go inside.Getting WarioPlay as Luigi in the Mirror Room. Jump into Wario”s painting and defeat the Giant Ice Bully to get Wario”s key.

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Secret StarWhen you go up the stairs and have one Star, you can go through a door with a number one on it. When you go in, go through one of the pictures of Peach. One of them contains a level with a secret Star.When you go into Luigi”s picture frame (located in the ghost place), get Luigi”s cap. Find a “?” box after killing everything in there (because you will need to go very fast). When you use a Power Flower and you are invisible, in the final room where you enter the hole to face King Boo, there will be a Star on the map. Because you can go through walls, go through the ghost picture and there will be a Star.As Luigi, from the main hallway go into the door at the top of the first staircase. Go up the stairs and into the door at the top of this staircase. Then, go into the door with red carpet around it. There will be a room with a huge mirror in it. Get a flower on one of the pedestals and go through the mirror. Enter the door in the reflection. You will be in a room that is all yellow, with a lone Star.Go to the rec room where you play mini-games. Jump into the painting in that room. Collect the five Blue Stars to get the real Star to appear. This is also a level that appears when you play in multi-player mode.

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