Star Wars The Force Unleashed Lightsaber Crystals Locations & Hilt Locations

Starkiller is deadlier in Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 and you can make him more destructive by upgrading his skills and weapons with the Holocrons you can find in the game. Holocrons are scattered throughout Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2, 45 in total.

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Each has a different benefit depending on their colors:

Yellow: Extra XPGreen: Increases your HPRed: New Color for Lightsaber

Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 Holocrons Locations

You can upgrade your skills, and weapons in Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 using the XP, Saber Crystals, and Bacta Tanks scattered across the world. Each Holocron is specified below with a brief description of where you can find it.

Kamino: The Escape

Holocron #1 – Saber CrystalYou will find it in front of you after force gripping the platform to get across the gap, you can’t miss it. On the top of the platform is chaos saber crystal at the end hallway.

Holocron #2 – Saber CrystalRight after first Saber Crystal, when you are running throw the fires and do a dash to evade two stormtroopers attacking you, it’s behind them. Another easy to get.

Holocron #3 – Green Bacta TankAfter second Saber Crystal, when you come across a circular area with TIE Fighters shooting at you, it’s on the platform to the left.

Holocron #4 – Experience PointWhen you pass through the forcefield, throwing objects at the red terminals, you will find it on the table in the middle of the next room.

Holocron #5 – Experience PointIn your first encounter with the Jumptroopers, you will find it near the first Jumptrooper over the gap.

Holocron #6 – Blue Bacta TankJust when you defeat the second mech, you will find it on the door to your left.

Cato Neimoidia: The Eastern Arch

Holocron #7 – Saber CrystalAfter you have defeated the Sith Acolyte, go to the left platform with all the crates. You will find this Holocron behind the crates.

Holocron #8 – Experience PointAfter you have raised the platforms, you will find this Holocron right next to the highest platform where you jump to continue your game.

Holocron #9 – Saber CrystalYou will find it on your left when you force to push open the second door.

Holocron #10 – Saber CrystalJust after the Jumptroopers spawn with two red force fields, go to the next room with the bowling ball. Move the bowling ball and get this crystal.

Holocron #11 – Blue Bacta TankYour first encounter with the gunship, while crossing the bridge you will see it in the middle hanging in the air. Can’t miss it.

Holocron #12 – Green Bacta TankJust when you blast open the doors after bridge sequence, you will find it in front of you on a walkway next to Stormtroopers sniper.

Holocron #13 – Experience PointIn the casino area with the game machines, you will find it on the walkway farthest to your fight, right in the middle, just like previous Holocron.

Holocron #14 – CostumeDestroy the 3 game machines in front of Jabba the Hutt hologram and it will spawn this costume Holocron.

Cato Neimoidia: The Western Arch

Holocron #15 – Experience PointRight after you defend the tram from the gunship, you will find it inside the docking area.

Holocron #16 – Saber CrystalRight after your fight with AT-MP, you will see three boxes stacked on each below a platform. Now move them so you can get to the platform above. When you are on the platform, you will find it there just below you.

Holocron #17 – Blue Bacta TankIn the room just left to the bowling ball after the fight with the 2 cyromechs.

Holocron #18 – Green Bacta TankWhen you are making your way through barricades, can’t miss it.

The Tarkose Arena

Holocron #19 – Experience PointAfter destroying the gunship, you will find it in the room having dinosaur skeleton.

Holocron #20 – Saber CrystalFrom the room, you found #19, jump below on a small platform to grab this Saber Crystal.

Dagobah: The Vision

Holocron #21 – Experience PointOn top of your ship.

Holocron #22 – Blue Bacta TankLift a big rock behind your ship to get this Holocron.

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Holocron #23 – Saber CrystalRight to the Yoda’s house in the foggy area.

Holocron #24 – Green Bacta TankGo past Yoda house, you will find it under a rock to the left. Lift the rock to retrieve it.

Holocron #25 – Saber CrystalFrom the place you found the Green Bacta Tank, keep moving and you will see the Saber Crystal.

Holocron #26 – Experience PointRight on the path of where you got the previous Holocron.

The Rebel Ship Salvation: Aboard the Salvation

Holocron #27 – Saber CrystalAfter the door where you gain the Repulse ability.

Holocron #28 – Green Bacta TankAfter watching Juno behind the forcefield, go back to the room you just were and destroy all 8 tubes.

Go to the next room and destroy the 4 tubes and go to the dark corridor and use the power core on that door. There you will find 3 more tubes, the middle one has Green Bacta Tank, but destroying all will earn you Master of Disaster Achievement/Trophy.

Holocron #29 – Blue Bacta TankAfter this cutscene where Starkiller says “What could have done this?” and shows the internal damage. It is just below you get it quickly before everything starts falling.

Holocron #30 – Experience PointYou will find it between the two electric wheels in the engine room.

Holocron #31 – Experience PointYou will find it on your way through the spinning machines, just before you drop down to the shaft.

Holocron #32 – Saber CrystalContinue in the charred tunnel after defeating Terror Walker and you will come across this Saber Crystal.

Battle for the Salvation

Holocron #33 – Experience PointWhen you are fighting a group of enemies and AT-AT and 2 AT-MPs appear, jump on the walkway to your right where snipers should be and go into the pod that just appeared. You will find this Holocron inside.

Holocron #34 – Green Bacta TankDestroy the 13 unstable cores in engine room to get this Holocron.

Holocron #35 – Saber CrystalYou will notice it while fighting the multi Lightsaber fighters on your way to the right.

Holocron #36 – Saber CrystalInside the pod, the mech came from.

Holocron #37 – Blue Bacta TankLeft to the hallway where snipers are shooting you from far, you will find it in the middle tube in front of you.

Holocron #38 – Experience PointDrop down from the elevator you moved to drop down, and you will find this Holocron in front of you.

Holocron #39 – Saber CrystalLook left from the top of cannon after destroying the Star Destroyer, and you will find this Saber Crystal, drop down to get both of blocks to get this Holocron.

Kamino: The Return

Holocron #40 – Green Bacta TankTop of the wreckage where you start your mission.

Holocron #41 – Experience PointBehind the windows from the spot, you got the previous Green Bacta Tank.

Holocron #42 – Blue Bacta TankAfter the bridge is destroyed, you will find this Holocron on the upper walkway of the room you enter.

The Confrontation

Holocron #43 – Saber CrystalWhen you meet up with Kota, you will see this crystal just behind the two AT-MP’s on a wind turbine.

Holocron #44 – Saber CrystalDown the elevator, left of the room facing the doors, right when you come across fire mech and some spiders.

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Holocron #45 – Experience PointYou will find this Holocron on the top of the cloning facility in one of the tubes. Break the tube near the set of circles that aren’t turning to get this Holocron.

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