Starkiller is deadlier in Star Wars: pressure Unleashed 2 and also you deserve to make him much more destructive by upgrading his skills and weapons v the Holocrons you can find in the game. Holocrons space scattered throughout Star Wars: force Unleashed 2, 45 in total.

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Each has a different advantage depending on their colors:

Yellow: Extra XPGreen: rises your HPRed: brand-new Color for Lightsaber

Star Wars: pressure Unleashed 2 Holocrons Locations

You can upgrade your skills, and also weapons in Star Wars: force Unleashed 2 using the XP, Saber Crystals, and also Bacta Tanks scattered throughout the world. Every Holocron is specified listed below with a quick description of whereby you can uncover it.

Kamino: The Escape

Holocron #1 – Saber CrystalYou will uncover it in prior of friend after force gripping the communication to get across the gap, girlfriend can’t miss it. ~ above the peak of the communication is chaos saber decision at the end hallway.

Holocron #2 – Saber CrystalRight after an initial Saber Crystal, as soon as you room running litter the fires and also do a dash come evade 2 stormtroopers attacking you, it’s behind them. An additional easy come get.

Holocron #3 – environment-friendly Bacta TankAfter second Saber Crystal, when you come across a circular area through TIE fighters shooting in ~ you, it’s on the platform to the left.

Holocron #4 – experience PointWhen you pass through the forcefield, throwing objects at the red terminals, friend will discover it on the table in the middle of the next room.

Holocron #5 – experience PointIn your an initial encounter through the Jumptroopers, you will discover it close to the first Jumptrooper end the gap.

Holocron #6 – Blue Bacta TankJust as soon as you defeat the 2nd mech, girlfriend will find it on the door to your left.

Cato Neimoidia: The eastern Arch

Holocron #7 – Saber CrystalAfter friend have beat the Sith Acolyte, go to the left platform through all the crates. You will discover this Holocron behind the crates.

Holocron #8 – experience PointAfter you have raised the platforms, girlfriend will discover this Holocron right next to the greatest platform where you jump to proceed your game.

Holocron #9 – Saber CrystalYou will uncover it on her left as soon as you pressure to push open up the second door.

Holocron #10 – Saber CrystalJust after the Jumptroopers generate with 2 red pressure fields, walk to the next room with the bowling ball. Move the bowling ball and get this crystal.

Holocron #11 – Blue Bacta TankYour an initial encounter with the gunship, while crossing the bridge you will check out it in the center hanging in the air. Can’t miss it.

Holocron #12 – environment-friendly Bacta TankJust as soon as you blast open the doors after bridge sequence, girlfriend will discover it in front of friend on a walkway beside Stormtroopers sniper.

Holocron #13 – endure PointIn the casino area through the video game machines, friend will uncover it ~ above the walkway the furthest to your fight, ideal in the middle, similar to previous Holocron.

Holocron #14 – CostumeDestroy the 3 game machines in prior of Jabba the Hutt hologram and also it will generate this costume Holocron.

Cato Neimoidia: The west Arch

Holocron #15 – suffer PointRight after you safeguard the tram indigenous the gunship, girlfriend will discover it inside the docking area.

Holocron #16 – Saber CrystalRight after her fight through AT-MP, you will certainly see 3 boxes stacked on each below a platform. Now move them so girlfriend can acquire to the communication above. When you space on the platform, friend will find it there just listed below you.

Holocron #17 – Blue Bacta TankIn the room simply left come the bowling round after the fight through the 2 cyromechs.

Holocron #18 – eco-friendly Bacta TankWhen you are making your means through barricades, can’t miss out on it.

The Tarkose Arena

Holocron #19 – suffer PointAfter damaging the gunship, girlfriend will discover it in the room having dinosaur skeleton.

Holocron #20 – Saber CrystalFrom the room, you found #19, jump listed below on a tiny platform come grab this Saber Crystal.

Dagobah: The Vision

Holocron #21 – suffer PointOn top of her ship.

Holocron #22 – Blue Bacta TankLift a large rock behind her ship to acquire this Holocron.

Holocron #23 – Saber CrystalRight to the Yoda’s home in the foggy area.

Holocron #24 – environment-friendly Bacta TankGo previous Yoda house, girlfriend will find it under a absent to the left. Elevator the absent to retrieve it.

Holocron #25 – Saber CrystalFrom the location you discovered the environment-friendly Bacta Tank, save moving and also you will check out the Saber Crystal.

Holocron #26 – endure PointRight ~ above the route of where you gained the previous Holocron.

The Rebel ship Salvation: board the Salvation

Holocron #27 – Saber CrystalAfter the door whereby you gain the Repulse ability.

Holocron #28 – green Bacta TankAfter watching Juno behind the forcefield, go earlier to the room you simply were and destroy all 8 tubes.

Go to the next room and also destroy the 4 tubes and go come the dark corridor and use the power main point on that door. There you will uncover 3 much more tubes, the center one has eco-friendly Bacta Tank, however destroying all will earn you grasp of catastrophe Achievement/Trophy.

Holocron #29 – Blue Bacta TankAfter this cutscene where Starkiller claims “What could have excellent this?” and shows the internal damage. The is just listed below you gain it quickly before everything start falling.

Holocron #30 – endure PointYou will discover it between the two electric wheels in the engine room.

Holocron #31 – endure PointYou will find it on your means through the turn machines, just before you drop down to the shaft.

Holocron #32 – Saber CrystalContinue in the charred tunnel after defeating Terror Walker and also you will come throughout this Saber Crystal.

Battle because that the Salvation

Holocron #33 – endure PointWhen you space fighting a group of enemies and AT-AT and also 2 AT-MPs appear, run on the walkway come your right where snipers need to be and go into the pod that just appeared. You will find this Holocron inside.

Holocron #34 – green Bacta TankDestroy the 13 turbulent cores in engine room to acquire this Holocron.

Holocron #35 – Saber CrystalYou will an alert it while fighting the multi Lightsaber fighters on your way to the right.

Holocron #36 – Saber CrystalInside the pod, the mech come from.

Holocron #37 – Blue Bacta TankLeft come the hallway whereby snipers are shooting you from far, you will uncover it in the center tube in former of you.

Holocron #38 – experience PointDrop down from the elevator you relocated to drop down, and you will find this Holocron in front of you.

Holocron #39 – Saber CrystalLook left native the optimal of cannon after destroying the Star Destroyer, and you will uncover this Saber Crystal, drop down to obtain both of blocks to gain this Holocron.

Kamino: The Return

Holocron #40 – eco-friendly Bacta TankTop the the wreckage where you start your mission.

Holocron #41 – experience PointBehind the windows from the spot, you got the previous eco-friendly Bacta Tank.

Holocron #42 – Blue Bacta TankAfter the bridge is destroyed, friend will uncover this Holocron top top the upper walkway of the room girlfriend enter.

The Confrontation

Holocron #43 – Saber CrystalWhen you fulfill up with Kota, friend will watch this crystal just behind the 2 AT-MP’s on a wind turbine.

Holocron #44 – Saber CrystalDown the elevator, left the the room encountering the doors, right as soon as you come across fire mech and also some spiders.

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Holocron #45 – experience PointYou will discover this Holocron top top the optimal of the cloning facility in among the tubes. Rest the tube near the set of circles the aren’t turning to get this Holocron.