Ces 2019: Sony Xav-Ax5000 Vs Sony Xav-Ax7000, Ces 2019: Sony Unveils New 6

In this Vlog we examine the similarities and differences between the brand new Sony XAV-AX7000 & the Sony XAX-AX5000 and show you exclusive footage of the new Sony XAV-AX7000 in a Harley-Davidson Street Glide & Road Glide!

Sony is a mainstay in audio technology and now has two outstanding systems that can slot right into Harley-Davidson touring bikes. We”ve covered all the similarities and differences between the new Sony AX7000 and the AX5000 in a handy YouTube video. Here, we”ll break down the distinction for you in this format.

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What”s Similar Between the AX7000 and AX5000?

On the surface, both models look largely identical, and you”ll get a perfect, flush fit on your dash either way. Each option has streamlined navigation buttons, a full-color 7-inch touch display and dual USB-A ports for a mobile phone and flash drive. They also have three pre-amp outputs and three sets of RCA outputs, which connect to an aftermarket amplifier. They”re engineered to process high-resolution FLAC audio formats.

What”s Different?

Let”s shift gears and detail what sets these models apart. Because the Sony AX7000 is the new, redesigned edition, it”s listed at a higher price than the AX5000. If you choose this model, however, you”ll get a much more powerful, durable unit for an extra $200 or so. Here”s the difference:


The Sony AX7000 has a max output of 100W x 4 channels compared to the AX5000″s 55W x 4. You”ll see on the listed specs of the Sony 5000 that it has a 2V pre-amp output, while the 7000 boasts a class-D 5V amp. That”s nearly double the audio power for richer sound and less background distortion.



The Sony XAV 7000 has an improved anti-glare screen over its older brother for better visibility in the sun. What really stands out is the 7000″s new weatherproof screen and buttons, protecting the display against moisture. This feature helps ensure a longer product lifespan. Lastly, the wake-up time of the Sony AX7000 is 2.5 times faster, so you can start rolling sooner.

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The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the Sony XAV 7000 delivers a staggering amount of juice for an array of speakers and subwoofers and could save you the need for an external amplifier. The XAV 5000 is still far from obsolete, and we continue to stand by it as a strong, economical performer.


Where Can You Buy These Sony XAV Models for Your Harley-Davidson?

In the Fat Head Cycles online store, you”ll find AX7000 and AX5000 plug-and-play audio bundles for Harley touring bikes from 1999 to 2020. Our dash kits come with everything you need to swap your Harley”s head unit yourself — wire connections and faring included. We”re the only Sony-authorized retailer for Harley-Davidson audio systems, and we provide a three-year warranty for the XAV 7000 vs. the one-year warranty on the XAV 5000.

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Have any questions about either model? Contact Fat Head Cycles through our online form today, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more in-depth videos on Harley-Davidson customization, maintenance and repairs.

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