So the brand-new Sony WF-SP800N are an excellent pair of workout ear buds and I actually choose these over the Powerbeats pro cause first off they sound a lot better and also you have the right to make them sound how ever before you desire, and also more importantly they also have an ambient modeu2026 and energetic noise cancelation. And thanks to their optional ear fins they stay in area exceptionally well. But a lot of human being want to understand exactly how these earbuds stack up as day-to-day carry wiremuch less earbuds and also just how they compare to the Galaxy Buds Plus, Jabra Elite 75Tu2019s and pixel buds. ","raw":false},"hSize":null,"floatDir":null,"html":"","url":"","width":854,"height":480,"providerName":"YouTube","resolvedBy":"youtube"}" data-block-type="32" id="block-yui_3_17_2_1_1593485628586_21900">

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So the new Sony WF-SP800N are an excellent pair of workout ear buds and I actually prefer these over the Powerbeats pro reason first off they sound much much better and you can make them sound exactly how ever before you desire, and also more importantly they also have an ambient mode… and active noise cancelation. And many thanks to their optional ear fins they continue to be in place extremely well. But many world want to recognize just how these earbuds stack up as day-to-day carry wireless earbuds and exactly how they compare to the Galaxy Buds Plus, Jabra Elite 75T’s and also pixel buds.

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Now as soon as it pertains to price, every one of these earbuds float around the same area. The Galaxy Buds Plus retail for $150, both the Pixel Buds and Jabra Elite 75T’s retail for $180 and the SP800N’s retail for $200. But the SP800N’s on a regular basis prefer to go on sale for $168. So if you desire to pick any kind of of these earbuds up they’ll be connected down listed below.

Now over all performance and feature set wise the SP800N’s carry out out percreate every one of these other earbuds. But the one location wright here these ear buds really battle and just kills it for me as soon as it comes to considering these ear buds as daily lug ear buds is their situation. The SP800N’s transporting case is substantially bigger than every one of these various other transporting instances. And since this case is so big you really carry out alert it as soon as its in your pocket. Wbelow as all of these other instances simply aren’t as noticeable cause they all have a smaller sized foot print and they’re all significantly thinner. Now both the Galaxy Buds Plus and Jabra Elite 75T’s have decently sized cases however personally my favorite instance right here has acquired to be the Pixel Buds situation reason this case simply feels the many premium right here. The Pixel Buds situation has actually this nice heft to it and it likewise has actually this slate complete to it just simply feels great in the hand also.

Now when it comes to technology specs, all of these situations charge through a USB C port as they need to. But only the Pixel Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus instances have actually wireless charging here wbelow as these other two instances right here don’t. No personally I don’t care around wiremuch less charging unmuch less I have a phone that supports power sharing. But I did desire to allude it out reason the SP800N’s don’t have wiremuch less charging even though this case is significantly larger than both the Pixel Buds and also Galaxy buds Plus situation.

Now as soon as it concerns battery life all of these earbuds are about the same. The Galaxy Buds Plus have actually an unified battery life of 22 hours, the Pixel Buds have actually a merged battery life of 24 hours, and the Jabra’s have actually a linked battery life of 28 hours. But then there are the SP800N’s that have an advertised linked battery life 18 hrs.

But that advertised battery life of 18 hrs is for once these earbuds have actually their energetic noise cancelation turned on. Now personally I only usage the Active Noise cancelation on any kind of of my ANC earbuds as soon as I have actually to… so these earbuds actually have actually an advertised battery life 26 hrs through their ANC turned off.

So over all all of these earbuds have decent battery stays however I think the real winners below are the Pixel Buds reason they have actually an unified battery life of 24 hours yet they additionally give you wireless charging if you desire it. And also though the SP800N’s carry out have a merged battery life 26 hours… its not all that outstanding cause their situation is considerably larger than all of these other cases.

But now lets talk about fit… all four of these earbuds fit prefer your traditional in ear ear buds. None of these earbuds go in super deep right into your ear canal like the Sony WF-1000XM3’s perform and also namong these earbuds simply sit at the edge of your ear canal like the AirPods Pro perform. Now every one of these earbuds fit well however I carry out feel that the SP800N’s are the best fitting ear buds here cause they execute come had with optional ear fins if you want them. And the ear fins on the SP800N’s really perform help through maintaining these earbuds in area. Now even though the Pixel Buds likewise have ear fins, their ear fins are one dimension fits all and also you additionally can’t rerelocate them. So there is the opportunity these ear fins could not job-related for you. Either reason they’re as well substantial or as well small. But then there are the Galaxy Buds which carry out have actually adjustable ear fins yet also their biggest ear fins can still be also tiny for some world. And then there are the Jabra’s that simply don’t have ear fins. So over all, all of these earbuds fit just fine yet if you’re searching for the many secure fit below than you’ll might want to go through the Sony’s reason of their bigger ear fins.

Now when it pertains to bluetooth connectivity. All 3 of these earbuds have zero latency across the board when you try to watch movies or videos on your phone. But as soon as it involves their collection ups all of the earbuds here except for the Jabra’s each develop a link through your phone. So if you want to usage one earbud at a time you deserve to use either one it doesn’t matter.

Wbelow as the Jabra’s are making use of a hero and sidekick put up meaning that one earbud in this situation the right ear bud actually creates a connection through your phone and then relays that signal over to the left earbud. So if you simply desire to use one earbud at a time you gotta use the correct earbud. In this instance the best earbud.

But one benefit the Jabra’s have over these various other earbuds is that they can be linked to any to Bluetooth tools at the exact same time. So if you’re a power user you have the right to quickly hot swap from one device an additional. Wright here as with these various other earbuds switching between gadgets isn’t as seammuch less.

But now allows talk around listening to music with these earbuds. Now the Pixel buds are the only ear buds that don’t have actually a customizable EQ below. But the pixel buds must be able to please most world. These earbuds have actually a slight emphasis on the mids so vocals are pronounced and also they also have actually a decent amount of bass to them. Then tbelow are the Galaxy buds Plus which do have few EQ settings to choose from but I think these earbuds sound finest as soon as they’re collection to their clear. While in their clear EQ these earbuds put a focus on the mids so vocals are extremely pronounced yet their bass isn’t as solid as the Pixel buds. But these earbuds perform have better clarity. So if you’re someone that likes a neutral or brighter EQ than the Galaxy buds plus are the way to go. But then there’s the Jabra’s which have actually a completely customizable EQ. But the stand also out characteristic here about these earbud is their bass. If you’re someone that likes a lot of bass in their music then these are the method to go. But then there are the SP800N’s and these are the best sounding earbuds right here and they have the right to perform it all. First off these earbuds have actually a totally customizable EQ so you have the right to make them sound but you want. If you want a neutral or brighter sounding EQ you can execute that and these earbuds have actually the very same good clarity that you’ll discover on the Galaxy Buds. Or if you choose a bass hefty EQ you have the right to likewise carry out that, and also these earbuds additionally have a lot even more bass than the Jabra’s. The only point that you gotta lookout for one these earbuds is that ideal out of the box the stock EQ on these earbuds have way to much bass which I carry out find to more than powering. But prefer I said considering that these earbuds have a completely customizable EQ you have the right to go in and resolve them. So over all, pixel buds sound great enough to please many world, the Galaxy Buds are better for neutral or brighter sound signatures, the Jabra’s are much better for human being that prefer bass, and the Sony’s have the right to carry out it all.

Now when it concerns your media controls, the Jabra’s are the only earbuds here that don’t have touch pads. So if you don’t want to have to address touch pads then the Jarab’s are your just answer below. Now out of every one of these touch pads, I think the Pixel buds have the finest touch pads here. These touch pads are very accurate, they carry out a really good project of recognizing their swiping gestures and they also do a great task of rejecting inputs as soon as you’re simply adjusting these earbuds. And you have actually complete media regulate through either of these earbuds. So also if you just have one in bud in you have the right to still play, pause, skip through your music, and even readjust your volume all through out having actually to take you phone out of your pocket. Next off up are the Sony’s which I think have the second finest touch pads here. No via Sony’s application you have the right to choose what each of these earbuds carry out and just prefer the pixel buds these touch pads are very specific. But personally I still favor the pixel buds touch pad cause you still have full media controls also if you jut have actually one earbud in. And ultimately tbelow are the Galaxy Buds touch pads which are okay, but these earbuds deserve to be a small finicky by comparikid. Sometimes to they get a tiny as well excited and also they begin to put in false inputs or periodically they miss out on inputs.

But currently lets talk around the ambient mode on these earbuds. Now unfortunately the Pixel buds don’t have an ambient mode and im really maintaining my fingers crossed that Google through inevitably add an ambient to these earbud reason an ambient mode on earbuds is really advantageous for prefer as soon as you’re walking about the city, at the grocery save or also when you’re simply watching videos at home.

Now out of this line up I execute gotta say that the Ambient mode on the Jabra’s is the worst right here. Now even though the ambient mode on the Jabra’s is decent, it sounds organic and it does an excellent job of blocking out wind noise when walking outdoors… if you raise their ambient mode previous 50% they do start to build a hissing the background which is exceptionally noticeable and distracting as soon as you’re watching videos with these earbuds.

Wright here as the ambient mode on the Galaxy Buds doesn’t build any such hissing in the ago ground. But without a doubt the Sony’s do have the finest performing ambient mode right here. Now the ambient mode on the Sony’s sounds the many organic right here reason also though the ambient mode on the Galaxy buds does sound a lot better than as soon as they first came out… it does still sound a tiny tiny compared to the Sony’s. And the Sony’s additionally carry out a far better job of blocking out wind noise than these various other 2 earbuds.

Now like I hinted at a little previously in this video the SP800N’s additionally have actually energetic noise cancelation. Now also though the active noise cancelation on these earbuds does perform somepoint. These earbuds block out extremely little bit noise, and also these earbuds block out nowbelow close to as much noise as the AirPods Pro or Sennheiser Momentum 2’s. So personally I think the Ambient Setting on these earbuds is means even more crucial that their ANC.

But something that the Pixel buds does have over all of these other various other earbuds is that they have actually Hey google support. So you can simply be like hey google and also begin talking to your assistant where as through this other earbuds you do gotta press and hold to active your assistant.

But finally here’s the microphone test now I feel the microphone on both the Jabra’s is excellent sufficient to obtain the project done for a quick phone speak to however they don’t do the best job of blocking out that AC unit.

And the same goes for the Sony’s. They sound excellent enough to obtain the job done for a quick phone call however they don’t do a good task of blocking out that AC unit.

Wbelow as the microphone on the Galaxy buds plus does execute a slightly much better project of blocking out that AC unit.

But ultimately there’s the microphone on the Pixel buds. And the Pixel Buds does the best task of blocking out that AC unit you deserve to bat an early stage even hear it. Causage if we were to scwith over to my lapel microphone you’re going to clearly hear that AC unit. But if we switch ago over to the Pixel buds, its entirely blocked out which is extremely imrepssive.

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So over all, choose I shelp at the start of this video I think the Sony WF-SP800N’s are a great pair of workout earbuds and also I actually choose these to the Powerbeats pro cause they have actually a really good ambient mode. And as soon as it concerns comparing these earbud to today’s renowned day-to-day lug wirelsss earbuds… the SP800N’s are the ideal performing ones here. These earbuds are the ideal sounding earbuds below, you have the right to make them sound just how ever you want, they have the finest ambient mode right here reason it sounds the many organic and they block out the the majority of amount of wind noise, and also they likewise have actually really great battery life if you use them through their ANC turned off. But for me the size of their situation is a really significant deal breaker to usage as day-to-day bring earbuds. This transferring situation is 4 times thicker than my Pixel 4 XL. But hey, if you’re willing to put up via it by all suggests day-to-day drive the SP800N’s. But ultimately I still think that the finest logical everyday lug wiremuch less earbuds right here for android customers is going to the Galaxy buds reason of their price, tiny transporting instance and better percreating ambient mode… yet if you perform desire more bass in your music than the Jabra’s are the method to go. But personally I still really perform like the Pixel buds cause these points have actually remarkable construct top quality. But if google really wants their Pixel Buds to take off they must include an ambient mode.